Attend A 10-Day Sustainability and Innovation Residency Program In Goa

Attend A 10-Day Sustainability and Innovation Residency Program In Goa

As the world around us rapidly shifts towards creator-driven economies, innovation and creativity are being increasingly viewed as highly sought after skills. From multi-million corporations to independent home businesses, creativity cuts across every facet of economy building. Every resource and every skill is better when it is shared and keeping this purpose in mind, the STEAM school is making its comeback in Goa this year.

Set up in the year 2015, the STEAM school is an initiative created by Maker’s Asylum, a Mumbai-based organisation that believes in harnessing the power of creativity and guiding talent towards creating solutions that bring about social change.

This year, STEAM brings its 10-day immersive experience to Goa. The experiential program aims to bring together an interdisciplinary and age agnostic group together to work on problems aligned to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The program is open to anyone and everyone looking to learn how to catalyze sustainable change through creativity and innovation. Participants will be a part of a hands-on learning experience in an open community in a 100-year-old Portuguese house in Moira Goa. Given COVID protocols, the program is accepting only a limited group of people this year. This physical residency in Goa starts on December 15 and will go on till December 24. The deadline for applications is December 4.

You can register for the S.T.E.A.M school’s December program here.

To know more about their initiatives, click here.

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