SYEYL’s Debut Downtempo Electronica EP Feels Like A Summer Morning

SYEYL’s Debut Downtempo Electronica EP Feels Like A Summer Morning

SYEYL (pronounced sea-el) is the electronica project of New Delhi-based artist Hritik Arora who previously went by the moniker, Outlier.

Fascinated by new age and spiritual music, he creates subliminal soundscapes by discovering hidden connections between sounds that move him and incorporating dreamy synths to find a sweet spot between downtempo and ambient, giving his music a zen feeling which is ethereal, meditative and uplifting.

SYEYL's debut EP, Dawn Chorus comes out today via Export Quality Records. The artist has produced a peaceful and rejuvenating project with this downtempo EP. Across the project, we find swelling synths, unorthodox percussion, rich subs and a minimal but catchy top line to garnish the spectrum.

He has paired his incredible instrument choices with skilful use of everyday ambient sounds found in nature. A large part of this EP was built around the lush sounds of the Rav Vast which is a steel hand drum that creates hypnotic sounds, making this project one of the few that have incorporated this instrument into the electronic soundscape.


SYEYL tells us about his creative process, "Dawn Chorus was written in a peaceful phase of my life. I used to wake up in the mornings before sunrise and just write music while hearing the sounds of birds chirping, hence the name — Dawn Chorus. At the same time I had just heard the instrument - Rav Vast and fell in love with its sound instantly.

The whole process was very rewarding for my creativity and mental peace and I felt like the tracks just flowed out of me or a higher power which guided me — good orderly direction (GOD)"

Dawn Chorus is a melodic, downtempo production with sweet aural textures and light percussions. The EP has 5 tracks, each with a different emotional tone but all of them falling under the same warm, entrancing quality. Like its name, the EP is sublime and feels like an early summer morning. If you're a fan of electronic music, this is exactly the type of sound that you bliss out to after a night of dancing under the stars in a rave, just as the sun is about to come up and there's nothing else to do but just be.

You can follow SYEYL here and listen to the EP here.

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