'Synergy' Is A Father-Son Album That Breathes New Life Into Hindustani Classical Music

'Synergy' Is A Father-Son Album That Breathes New Life Into Hindustani Classical Music
Pandit Nayan Ghosh and Ishaan Ghosh

Pandit Nayan Ghosh and Ishaan Ghosh are more than just a father-son duo making waves in the world of Hindustani classical music. They represent a rare and multi-generational anomaly in a musical tradition that is often passed down through families and lineages. A father-son duo who have a combined experience of over six decades, they've made significant contributions to the development and popularisation of Indian classical music, both within India and globally.

Pandit Nayan Ghosh is a highly regarded and accomplished musician known for his expertise in playing both the sitar and the tabla. He's been performing for over five decades and has collaborated with many renowned musicians, including Ravi Shankar, Amjad Ali Khan, Yosuke Yamashita, Kazumi Watanabe amongst others. His son, Ishaan Ghosh, has been playing the tabla for over 15 years and has already made a name for himself as a skilled tabla player.

Their new album, 'Synergy', is a celebration of the power of collaboration and the magic of Hindustani classical music. The album features seven tracks, each of which represents a different raga and a different time of day. The ragas featured on the album include Asavari, Bhairavi, Bhatiyali, Purvi, Shuddh Sarang, Tabla Solo - Rupak, and Tilak Kamod. As you listen to the album, you'll be taken on a musical journey through the different moods and emotions associated with each time of the day. Each track sets a completely different tone, creating a soundscape that's both diverse and captivating. From the early morning hours, with the peaceful and meditative raga Asavari, to late into the night, with the intense and dramatic raga Tilak Kamod; each raga has been carefully chosen and arranged in a particular order to create a musical narrative that is both engaging and evocative. 

The father-son duo's synergistic approach to music is a testament to their deep-rooted understanding and respect for the musical traditions that they come from. Their work serves as a reminder that Hindustani classical music is not just a genre, but an experience that transcends time and space.