The Kashmiri-Pakistani Illustrator Exploring Themes Of Queer Love & Brown Body Positivity

The Kashmiri-Pakistani Illustrator Exploring Themes Of Queer Love & Brown Body Positivity

If we were to trace the sphere of art, we are bound to come across mainstream narratives of heteronormative representations and perspectives all across media, cinema literature and visual art.

Challenging the all-too-narrow lens is a diverse range of artists who are portraying queer love in a positive light and creating greater visibility for those who have often been denied their right to express and love. These are portrayals of identity and love that are not just in from a romantic perspective but are also a recontextualization of friends and family as well as ideas of self-love. These depictions are not only important historically but also impact society and shape the mindsets of many young people.

Kashmiri-Pakistani artist Mazahir Hussain is one such artist whose work centres around mythology and queer love in his art. The artist found his passion for illustrations less than a decade ago. What was started on a whim slowly turned into a flourishing career.

With an educational background in creative writing, Mazahir who goes by the name of ‘Girth of Venus’ on Instagram is famous for his vivid illustrations that capture a homo electric sentimentality. Combining his passion for mythology and fairytale with visual arts, Hussain aspires to create a space of much-needed representation and dialogue that was lacking during his formative years.

Gay longing, sensual dispositions and an unabashedly proud portrayal of body hair mark his body of work. In stark contrast with traditional dictums of masculinity, Hussain explores themes of sensuality and tenderness through Greek lore and personal explorations.

His work centers on brown bodies and diverse identities that mark the golden age of all queer art.

View his work here.

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