The Return Of The Reign: ‘Late Bloomer’ Is A Tale Of Immigrant Identity & Ambition

Late Bloomer is a poignant exploration of the delicate dance between ambition and tradition.
Late Bloomer is a poignant exploration of the delicate dance between ambition and tradition.Baaz

The cost of living in a post-colonial world through a westernized self-perception as people of colour is the 'cultural cringe' that young Indians, especially the Indian diaspora goes through. This dissonance in identity was first confronted and subverted by the digital warriors that emerged as comedy writers who turned the 'embarrassment' of the cacophony of the Indian accent into a loving tale of acceptance, even pride. South Asian YouTubers like Lilly Singh AKA 'Superwoman' and Jasmeet Raina known by his online moniker 'Jus Reign' became beacons for those seeking relatable stories and shared experiences within the diaspora, shaping the identity of a generation that grew up feeling caught between two worlds.

These YouTubers weren't just content creators; they were storytellers weaving narratives of cultural complexity and bridging the gap for a generation grappling with dual identities. In the realm of millennial nostalgia, their videos were not merely skits; they were touchstones of understanding for individuals mentally pendulating between heritage and assimilation.

Lily Singh's rise from making skits to becoming the first openly bisexual person of Indian and South Asian descent to host an American broadcast major network late-night talk show is emblematic of this transformative journey. Jus Reign, a luminary in his own right, embarked on a creative hiatus in 2018, leaving fans to speculate about his next move. Now, six years later, he returns with Late Bloomer, an eight-part, semi-autobiographical Crave series that delves into the intricacies of a diaspora kid's struggle to balance ambition with cultural obligations. The series, loosely based on Raina's own experiences, portrays Jasmeet Dutta, a turban-wearing millennial, grappling with the challenges of forging a path in the 21st-century content creation landscape while honouring his Eastern roots. This narrative reflects the broader struggle of a generation that often feels a step behind their peers, caught between traditional expectations and the pursuit of personal dreams.

Late Bloomer is a poignant exploration of the delicate dance between ambition and tradition. Jasmeet Dutta's journey mirrors the conflicts faced by many young adults, torn between familial responsibilities and the pursuit of personal aspirations. From seeking out turban-wearing actors who aren't using it merely as costume for the role and using the dialect of Punjabi Jasmeet's own family speaks in, Jasmeet and the production team have made sure the show is organically authentic.

In an era where speaking your truth is increasingly valued, Jus Reign and his contemporaries have not only entertained but also set cultural benchmarks. By staying true to their roots and presenting narratives that resonate with reliability and a sense of belonging, these creators have etched cultural milestones for the South Asian community. Among widely loved stories of bittersweet cultural clashes of immigrant identity against the Western machine that are intertwined with the added spice of inter-generational dynamics like Mo, Ramy & Little America, Late Bloomer becomes not just a series but a continuation of a journey of the diaspora; a roaring declaration that you can leave the country behind but not the culture.

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