This Week in Culture: Bengali Chemicals, Urban Isolation, & More

This Week In Culture
This Week In CultureL: Dwain Willis & Mayur Koli, R: Symbai, Goya


Arkish Aftab's Short Film About Urban Isolation

An upcoming indie short on Jio Cinema, Rat In The Kitchen uses a pest problem in a suburban apartment as a visceral metaphor for the aftermath of neglect. The infestation of rats in protagonist Vikram's life is like all the problems that he has brushed under the rug, allowing them to fester, making him the 'architect of his own destruction.' A riveting neo-noir thriller about self sabotage and the loneliness of big cities, Vikram's bitter separation from his wife exacerbates the sense of foreboding that underlies the suspenseful storytelling of this short film.

Read more about the film here.


A Fabled Recipe For Ginger Wine
A Fabled Recipe For Ginger WineBrent Hofacker

The East Indian Cookery Book And The Wonders Of Ginger Wine

Calling themselves the original inhabitants of the seven islands that make up Mumbai, the East Indian community is known for their rich culinary legacy. From tangy sorpotel to the much-adored bebinca, the contributions of this Portuguese and Konkani confluence of gastronomy is accessible through the committee-written East Indian Cookery Book published in 1981. A show stealer is the fabled Ginger Wine that has been passed down for generations as a household drink for the winters.

Check out the full recipe of Ginger Wine here.

Bringing Meghalayan Cuisine To Mumbai
Bringing Meghalayan Cuisine To MumbaiSymbai, Goya

Symbai, A Khasi Culinary Adventure In Mumbai

Conceptualised by home chef sisters Daphimanroi (Daphi) and Dakiwanri (Daki) Warjri, Symbai began as a pop up in Puducherry but quickly materialised into a full-blown enterprise in Mumbai. Experimenting with ingredients foraged from the Khasi foothills, the gourmet duo is debunking the 'too spicy' myth about North East Indian delicacies with their unique recipes straight from the heartland of Meghalaya.

You can read more about their preparations here.


The Homegrown Music Round-Up
The Homegrown Music Round-UpL: Dwain Willis & Mayur Koli, R: Savera

New Music Releases This Week

Homegrown's Weekly Music Round-Up is your one stop destination for discovering the latest and grooviest drops from diverse genres. In this week's lineup, we have a tasteful array of techno, experimental music and more by Bengal Chemicals, Savera, Maharana, Dwain Willis & Mayur Koli.

Read up more about these new tunes here.


Get Inked at a Tattoo Workshop
Get Inked at a Tattoo WorkshopAliens Tattoo Art School

A Bombay Tattoo Workshop

Conducted by Bengaluru artist Raja Gopalan, mark your calendars for some quality time with the tattoo gun in a 2 day workshop by MettleInk and Aliens Tattoo Art School in Mumbai next month. Raja will impart valuable insights on conceptualising designs before rendering them with Procreate and AI software. Taking you through freehand tattooing and critical after care procedures, this will be a great opportunity to hone your skills and connect with fellow ink enthusiasts.

The workshop is taking place on October 25 & 26 from 9 AM to 5 PM on the 1st floor of Satguru Prasad in Ramchandra Lane, Malad West, Mumbai.

You can register here and follow Aliens Tattoo Art School here.


Ayesha Singh's Dystopian Solo Exhibit

Reinterpreting Mughal architecture into a contemporary optical enigma, Monumental Turns is sculptor Ayesha Singh's first solo at Nature Morte Gallery. Borrowing motifs from ornate archways of 20th century homes in Old Delhi, Ayesha pays homage to the fluidity of the built environment, envisioning a future where monumental structures will be deconstructed and leave behind only a faint whisper of their cultural identity.

Venue: Nature Morte Gallery, New Delhi

Timings: 11am-7pm

On view till: 24th September, 2023

Read more about the exhibition here.


Dewar's Stay Curious Launch in Bengaluru

Gear up for a multidimensional exploration of performative art, music, comedy and cocktails all under one roof at the Bangalore International Center. Dewar's Stay Curious HQ has an eclectic lineup for you this time with stand-up darling Rahul Subramaniam, a contemporary rendition of classical musical theatre, two immersive audio-visual installations, a live acoustic performance and even a mixology workshop! This specially curated evening is sure to beguile you with its sensorial cross-pollination.

You can book your tickets here.

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