Three Hearts & A Whole Lot Of Confusion: Digital Short 'The Affair' Is Pure Comedy Chaos

Get ready for love triangles and awkward interactions in the short film 'The Affair.'
Get ready for love triangles and awkward interactions in the short film 'The Affair.'Nirmal Pillai

Calling all fans of hilariously uncomfortable encounters, love triangles that would make your head spin, and breakup speeches practised on the way to meet your soon-to-be ex-partner, this film is for you. This one-minute whirlwind of a short, 'The Affair' is a laugh-out-loud exploration of bad timing and the sheer awkwardness of human interaction.

Meet Bhargav, the protagonist, with a heart full of doubt and a hand full of apology flowers because, well, those always help, right? He's a man on the verge of a monumental mess, rehearsing his big breakup speech about how it's "not you, it's me" (groundbreaking, Bhargav!), on his way to ending the relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Radhika. Bhargav's internal monologue reveals his plan: break up with Radhika because his heart belongs to her best friend, Jasmine. Yes, scandalous and sacrilegious indeed. Whether Jasmine reciprocates these feelings is a question Bhargav seems to have answered with a resounding "yes" based on some serious wishful thinking.

But just as Bhargav steels his nerves to face Radhika, fate throws a sunflower-sized wrench into his plans—literally. Standing before him is Radhika...and his forbidden crush, Jasmine? Did he see what they were doing behind the sunflowers? How would he break up with Radhika and confess his feelings for Jasmine when they were "together"? The shock is palpable. Bhargav, Radhika, Jasmine. Each name echoes in disbelief as the realization dawns: this love triangle just got a lot more geometric. The film ends with a rapid-fire exchange of their names, each utterance dripping with disbelief.

So, is Bhargav destined to be forever alone? These questions and more are left for the audience to ponder, leaving us with a satisfied chuckle and the urge to, perhaps, send Nirmal Pillai some watermelon juice (and maybe a little cash) for a sequel. This hilarious short is a masterclass in comedic timing and visual storytelling. In just 120 seconds, Nirmal has created a delightfully messy situation that leaves you wanting more.

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