Tinder Adds 37 New Gender Identity Options For LGBTQ Community

Tinder Adds 37 New Gender Identity Options For LGBTQ Community

In 2016, it has become a dangerous game to assume someone’s gender much less to assume their sexual preferences and this has turned the process of internet dating into a veritable time-bomb for misunderstandings. To ease this awkwardness and allow people to approach a potential date with the necessary information, the worldwide dating portal Tinder has modified their app to allow for 37 different gender representations.
On the 15th of this month Tinder users in the UK, USA and Canada were introduced to the option of listing themselves as transgender in multiple permutations so that people can hold the freedom to accurately represent themselves. This is part of the larger #AllTypesAllSwipe campaign which is aimed at making Tinder a bias free space where everyone can be adequately represented and no faction needs to feel excluded.

Image Source: GoTinder Blog

However the move is so much more than adding a simple drop down menu, it’s giving members of the LGBTQ community the chance to feel included and accounted for. By normalising their choices Tinder has taken a huge step towards making people of all genders feel accepted by a society that until now has consciously or unconsciously branded their identities as ‘abnormal’.
While India is yet to be a part of this global movement we hope that it will eventually make its way to us because as a country with such diversity and so little tolerance even this minute implementation will go a long way in telling our LGBTQ family that they are loved and accepted as they are.Featured Image Courtesy Go Tinder Blog

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