Trans Visibility Day: Visual Story ‘Mohini’ Is A Graceful Tale Of Acceptance

Trans Visibility Day: Visual Story ‘Mohini’ Is A Graceful Tale Of Acceptance

Diversity is not simply about awareness, it urges us to celebrate, be enthusiastic, unlearn and learn, and above all, respectfully accept. If there is anything India could use some guidance on, it is acceptance.

Today is Trans Visibility Day, dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating those identities that are otherwise often neglected, not because of wrongdoing, but because of dissonance with their own bodies.

New York-based visual artist Saunak celebrates this day through an intelligent, graceful, and powerful piece of art. Mohini, is a video story that effortlessly conveys the message of accepting differences and celebrating ‘selves’ is an ever-so-important aspect of life, and that even in 2022, this requires some to endure pain and suffering.

Image Courtesy: Saunak

“Mohini; the deception or the truth, the divine or the derogatory. An avatar once of scaredness beyond binaries, today is the perversion of artistry. The slayer of demons once, today is seen as flaw of life. Life becomes a stage, tarnished by the expectations of the society. Such is the irony.”

— Saunak

To approach the harsh world with love when all one may have experienced is hate is a courageous task. Members of the trans community have seen, endured, and walked past any negativity you can imagine, but the beauty lies in their undeterred grit to live to see a world where they are included as their true selves.

Image Courtesy: Saunak

Mohini is a short yet mesmerising watch. It overtly expresses the spirit of Trans Visibility Day, and emphasises the role art plays in conveying this message. Aptly capturing the relationship between art and expression, Mohini is what we wish to see more of.

Trans Visibility Day may be celebrated for one of the 365 days in a year, but its cause must carry on throughout. Different individual identities make up the world, and no one’s identity or truth is up for debate.

Watch Mohini here.

Featuring: Zeesh

Creative Direction & Narration: Saunak

Design & Styling: Janvi Turakia Malik

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