Visit A Mumbai Exhibition Of Artist Kazuko Shiihashi's Vivid Japanese Nature Paintings

'Iris' by Kazuko Shiihashi
'Iris' by Kazuko ShiihashiKamal Bakshi Modern Asian Art

Japanese culture has been influenced and characterized by its close connection to the natural world, which has evolved and developed over many centuries. The deep appreciation and understanding of nature by the Japanese people has become a defining characteristic of their culture, and this is evident in their abundant artistic expressions.

Japanese nature paintings artfully evoke their deep connection with the natural environment and capture the way it is an intrinsic part of their cultural ethos. The paintings have visual poetry, a sense of tranquility, and a distinct stylistic presentation that can teleport you to a time beyond time and a fantastical place. When I view the artworks of modern Japanese master painter, Kazuko Shiihashi, these are the thoughts that swirl around in my head.

'Magnolia' by Kazuko Shiihashi
'Magnolia' by Kazuko ShiihashiKamal Bakshi Modern Asian Art

However, Shiihashi did not initially begin her artistic journey as a painter. Born in 1954, she dedicated a significant portion of her life to designing kimonos and utilizing the traditional Japanese dying technique known as 'Yuzen'. It was during this period that she developed a familiarity with natural pigments and the materials employed in traditional Japanese painting. Her shift from decorative art to fine art occurred organically; showcasing the indistinct boundary between artists and craftsmen in Japan. She places great emphasis on the profound connection between nature and art - a fundamental element of Japanese aesthetics.

'Morning Glory' by Kazuko Shiihashi
'Morning Glory' by Kazuko ShiihashiKamal Bakshi Modern Asian Art

Shiihashi rose to prominence as a painter by specializing in the traditional Japanese nihonga style. Her artwork perfectly represents Japanese contemporary art, with its intricate composition, subject matter, production techniques, and respect for Japanese art history. The result is a collection of captivating and visually intricate pieces.

A painting by Kazuko Shiihashi
A painting by Kazuko ShiihashiKamal Bakshi Modern Asian Art

Shiihashi creates her artwork using Japanese handmade paper that is crushed, gilded, and painted. These pieces are then placed on identical wooden panels measuring 90 x 30 cm. When these panels are assembled, they can vary in length from 1.2 to 3 meters. This technique gives her artwork a richly textured appearance. She further enhances the beauty of her paintings by using natural mineral pigments that resemble precious jewels.

'Maple' by Kazuko Shiihashi
'Maple' by Kazuko ShiihashiKamal Bakshi Modern Asian Art

Shiihashi is presently based out of Tokyo. She has had several solo exhibitions all over the world. We are proud and lucky to announce that her artistry is gracing our nation thanks to an upcoming exhibition, titled The Light of the Luminous Moon, organized by Snowball Studios, in collaboration with NICE+DAY Tokyo. Come, witness her enchanting paintings of the natural world bathed in moonlight and hues of crimson.

'Awakening of Love' by Kazuko Shiihashi
'Awakening of Love' by Kazuko ShiihashiKamal Bakshi Modern Asian Art

"The light of the luminous moon taught me the preciousness of life and shared with me both the joyous and the melancholy times life brings us."

Kazuko Shiihashi

The Light of the Luminous Moon

Dates: March 28 - 30, 2024

Time: 11 am to 6 pm

Location: Snowball Studios, Worli, Mumbai

Admission: Free

Find out more about Snowball Studios here.

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