‘What Is This Behaviour?' : A Podcast About The Inspiring South Asians Going Against The Grain

‘What Is This Behaviour?' : A Podcast About The Inspiring South Asians Going Against The Grain
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We live in a multicultural society, yet the movies and TV shows that show up on our screens, predominantly feature white people. Very rarely do we come across art that centres on brown or black people or even people of colour and their experiences. Even when we do come across people of colour in popular media, they are mostly racist renditions of caricatures and stereotypes.

Especially in the west, which is a blending pot of cultures, representation matters in the sense that it allows for people of colour to feel validated, heard, and seen. A question that haunts most from the diaspora is the question of belonging. As a people with a sense of self fragmented across two distinct cultures, they find themselves questioning “Do we even belong?”

When it comes to creative spaces, they aren’t always welcoming to people of colour and for those from the diaspora it becomes important to create their own spaces; to carve out their own tables. Because at the end of the day, we all want to feel like we belong somewhere, that we matter, that our stories matter, and that our experiences matter.

It is in that breath that the podcast ‘What is this Behaviour?’ that focuses on conversations with South Asian people going against the grain was born. By exploring the remarkable stories of South Asian people who are living inspiring and bold lives, they want to break away from the limiting cultural stereotypes that exist and inspire their own community as well as the world to reimagine who South Asians can be.

In their own words, “ What is this Behaviour? was born as a solution to our collective frustrations of not seeing, knowing or hearing enough South Asian people in creative and career spaces.” Theirs was an attempt to see those who look like themselves reflect across industries, and so the spirit of the podcast was to contribute to the evolving narratives about South-Asian diaspora, for themselves and for generations to come.

At the core of their endeavour is spotlighting South Asian people who are carving out remarkable careers and leading empowering lives, and in that way, they hope to shatter tired stereotypes that define the community. They want to collectively redefine what it means to be South Asian today and beyond.

Check out their episodes here.

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