You May Only Have A Few Hours To Save Net Neutrality In India. Read Now.

You May Only Have A Few Hours To Save Net Neutrality In India. Read Now.
[Do you think you should have to pay for Whatsapp? Do you believe major publications should get free access while independently run publication like Homegrown should pay Telecom and Internet Service Providers a premium to gain access to its audience? If not, hurry and leave your comments on this link here right now.  The deadline has been extended to the 20th.Hurry! And then come back and read more about how this came to be. ]


"The Government is going to take its own decision. We do not know what they are going to say but I think it's important to inform the government what our views are. Every single individual in the country has the opportunity to participate in this decision making process through My Gov and they should respond there,"
"If there isn't significant enough opposition to  Licensing of VOIP and other forms of calling, it might slip through. While the government has said Internet.Org is bad, they have said that things like Airtel Zero and others across telecom operators are fine,"
"Facebook is essentially taking the existing Internet users and putting them into its own bubble by offering Facebook and other websites for free. That harms the openness of the web and it only makes Facebook more powerful."
An example of Facebook's manipulation to get users to support Internet,org Image Source: Gursimran Khamba/Facebook
"They ( Facebook and Airtel) are trying to confuse people into thinking that Airtel Zero or Internet.Org is the internet. They are not. Internet is millions of websites. We don't want this discrimination between broader web and those websites which partner with Facebook or pay Airtel to continue. We don't want zero rating. We don't want separate packs for different websites."
"The operating principle is 'all of the internet to all of the users all of the time at same cost of access to everybody',"

 3 Simple Steps Compiled By 'Save The Internet'. Do the following now!

 1) Register on the government’s website

2) Sign into

3) Visit the net neutrality page and submit a response.

 Words: Devang Pathak

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