7 Budget Homestays In Goa - From Tree Houses To Portuguese Villas

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With the tourist season well upon us, it’s time to pack a bag and head to everyone’s favourite holiday state—Goa. While the state’s humble offerings may have gone up in price, it turns that they’ve still got quite a few gems in there that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Albeit our eyes did wander over to the more luxurious options, we tried to stay as practical as we could.

As you browse through these sweet budget options (all coming under seven grand) make sure you start deciding on who it is you’d like to share these gorgeous finds with. Because trust us, whether you choose to spend all your time by the pool or dozing in a hammock, these are pretty home stays that you’re going to have a hard time saying no to:

Over 200 years old, this elegantly restored colonial house sprawls over a massive property, overlooking a seasonal lake and teeming with flora and fauna. The house itself occupies 7,000 square feet of area, and comprises an entrada (foyer), sala (living room), dining room, five bedrooms with en suite bathrooms (four on the ground floor and one on the first floor), lounge and library just to name a few quarters. Old-world charms meet modern-day comforts to make for a practical and picturesque confluence point in the well-ventilated property, and the balcony and gallery at the front of the house really steal the show. Interesting note: The colours of the bedrooms have been picked from the colours of the rainbow, so pick carefully (so you get the nice indigo-coloured one).

Price: INR 4,025 per night, for two.

This is hands-down our favourite on this list—with an air-conditioned bedroom at tree top level, this is a tree house beach bungalow designed for two. The bathroom and lounge are pretty open to the elements, which really takes the urban traveller out of his concrete-jungle comfort zone and the independent property is well-maintained, with 24 hours housekeeping and an on campus manager and master chef, so go ahead and call in for some cocktails and gourmet cuisine from your treetop verandah like a boss. Located in a cashew and mango orchard, it’s no more than 400m from the high tide line at the pristine Ashwem beach, and the region is relatively untouched compares to areas like Candolim and Baga.

Price: INR 12,985 per night, for four.

III. Jungle Hostel, Vagator

Separating the traveller from the tourist, the Jungle Hostel comes with a rare blend of a sense of adventure, that still manages to provide you with a cosy and safe place to come back to at the end of the day; if these seem like great bedfellows to you—you’ve just stumbled into the backpackers’ paradise. You can spend your days here meeting new people and chatting with them under coconut trees in the jungle adjoining the premises, or maybe you’d like to get some quality downtime in one of the numerous hammocks, swings or cane chairs scattered in the outdoors? The Hostel is resplendent in wood and bamboo, a tip of the hat to nature and their philosophy of sustainable development, and there is free wifi everywhere, plus you get breakfast. It’s listings like these that make us wish we could teleport.

Price: INR 2,207 per night, for two.

IV. La Mer, Reis Magos

La Mer is a great place if you want to get away with a group of friends. Spacious with a lovely garden, La Mer is located in the quaint neighbourhood of Reis Magos, and comes with a pool table, lap pool and friendly housekeeping who drop by daily to clean up. The garden’s a great place to unwind, and soak up the sun, plus once you rent a bike or car, there are several options nearby that open up to you such as the House Of Lloyd for the yummiest cocktails or the casual and cosy Bhatti village for some sensational Goan food.

Price: INR 2,272 per night, for two.

V. The Garden Room, Bardez

On the gorgeous upper floor of Marbella Guest House, the Garden Room is surrounded by lush vegetation and a footpath leads out from the headlands to a 16th century fort with its lighthouse right at the mouth of the Mandovi river. The architecture is typical of the region and has little quirks that’ll have you absolutely falling in love with it and have you ruing the day of your departure. Overlooking the the lush tropical courtyard and the hill behind, this is a tastefully-done up house that comes furnished with a cane double bed, an antique wardrobe, a colonial style marble coffee table with matching chairs and a writing desk; all set on original Portuguese floor tiles.There’s even an adorable al fresco area to have a couple of drinks in the evening. Air-conditioned with a television set to boot, we suggest you forsake both and head down to the beach that’s 15 minutes away and indulge in some water sports.

Price: INR 4,804 per night, for two.

VI. Tisro Gor, Ashvem

Tisro Gor is a semi-detached dream of a residence with one air-conditioned bedroom, one lounge and one luxury attached bathroom with outdoor showers. Located near some of North Goa’s best restaurants and clubs, you can choose to traipse out on excursions with naturalists and angling guides or just unwind at home, maybe take a lazy swim in the pool as you get ready for a barbecue under the stars.

Price: INR 7,531 per night, for two.

VII. Villas De MadeiraSaipem (Close to Candolim)

Run by a couple, this lovely property is tailor-made for those who want some quiet and privacy, with a spectacular view to boot. Cozy little wooden cottages adorn the premises perched on a hiltop and rivulets and lush paddy fields populate the scenery as far as you can see. Mesmerisingly serene, this hilltop is home to the rustling of trees, a bursts of multi-coloured butterflies and come dawn, you’ll be treated to a majestic sun rising from the mountains. This is where you need to be if you want to forget the world for a while.

Price: INR 3750 per night, for two.

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