13 Delicious Bengali Dishes & Where To Get Them In Mumbai [Durga Puja Guide]

13 Delicious Bengali Dishes & Where To Get Them In Mumbai [Durga Puja Guide]

“Try as one might, it is impossible to replicate the taste of the pandal Khichuri at home because the goddess blesses it so.”

- Tapan Sahai, Caterer At The Bengal Club Pandal, Shivaji Park.
Up until more recently, not many thought to weave the world of Bengali cuisine into the fabric of the fine dining wave that’s washing over this country. But now that exposure to it has been made just a little bit higher, it’s impossible to understand why we haven’t been gorging on this East Indian feast our entire lives. Festival season’s well under way right now with back-to-back parades making life seem a little bit circus-themed, but we’re willing to excuse the chaos when it comes with the promise of wafting scents and flavours that promise to excite our taste buds. That’s why Durga Puja has fast become one of our most anticipated times of year.
If there’s one thing the Bongs know how to do particularly well (aside from reciting even the most obscure Tagore writings entirely from memory) it’s usually related to food. And whether it’s the way they talk about it or cook it, their enthusiasm is kind of infectious. That’s why we decided to put together this veritable list of drool-worthy goodness for any of our readers who might be interested to explore their cuisine but didn’t know where to start.
In that vein, here are some of the most delicious, traditional Bengali dishes, deconstructed for newbies, coupled with instructions of where to get them right in your own city.

I. Aloo Posto

A supremely popular Bengali dish almost all-year round, you’d be hard-pressed to find a traditional household that doesn’t consume the much-loved aloo posto at least once a week. A delicious amalgamation of potatoes and poppy seeds, it might be an acquired taste to some but a majority of people would dive head first into it.
Where To Get It? : Howrah Bengali Restaurant

[B/C Sitaram Building, Near Police Commissioner’s Office, Crawford Market, DN Road, Mumbai CST Area, Mumbai]

Cost - Rs.195


II. Labra (Mixed Vegetable Curry)

A scrumptious dish that is nothing if not telling of its West Bengal roots, Labra is something of a mixed vegetable recipe served along with a curry. Like most Bengali fare, this dish is actually incredibly healthy despite its rich taste because its filled with slow-cooked vegetables on a low flame with plenty of light spices. A little secret? Don’t bother trying it at home because for some reason, only the Bongs get it right.

Where To Get It? : Maa Tara [8/9, Jangid Tower, Shanti Park,Mira Road East, Mumbai]

Cost - Rs. 200


III. Khichudi Bhog

No pandal ‘bhog’ fare is complete without a generous serving of this incredibly rich, yet simple rice and lentil mixture, designed to extend those rounded bellies just a little bit further. Though it’s a staple in most Bengali households all year round, all claim that the pandal bhog can never be replicated due to its precision and simplicity so if you’ve never tried it before, you want to start immediately!

Where To Get It? : Apparently nothing touches the Bengal Club Pandal’s version at Shivaji Park.

Cost - Free (but it’s only available 9 days of the year!)


IV. Kosha Mangsho (Spiced Goat Curry)

Mangsho (goat meat) is just not as flaky, as tender or as delicious when prepared by anyone else and Kosha Mangsho is one of those rare dishes that will see Bengalis give up their usual mound of rice for something even more guilt-inducing—deep fried luchis (a kind of puri) or thick, ghee-laden parotas. Ok, we might just have to stop here for a snack break.
Where To Get It? : Bhojohari Manna Restaurant [Shop 3 & 4 Reliable Business Centre, Opp Om Heera Panna Mall, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai - 40010]

Cost: Rs 175


Oh! Calcutta  [Hotel Rosewood,99/C, R T O Lane,Tardeo, Mumbai]

 Cost - Rs. 399 


V. Chingri Macher Malaikari (Creamy Prawn Curry)

We might be biased, because 2/3rd of our team does happen to have partially Bengali blood lines, but this dish just happens to be our absolute favourite and we’re willing to bet that it will be yours too. A delicious, ridiculously creamy, and flavourful concoction of prawns and coconut milk, despite many versions existing in other cuisines, the most subtle and tender of them all has to be the Bengali version. Do.Not. Miss.

Where To Get It? :  Oh! Calcutta [Hotel Rosewood,99/C, R T O Lane,Tardeo, Mumbai]

Cost: Rs. 429


VI. Shorshe Ilish/ Bhapa Ilish (Hilsa Fish In Mustard)

Another absolute classic, this dish is made on more special occasions and relished for its revered status as well. More commonly known as ‘Ilish Maachh’ this river fish is cooked in mustard sauce (mustard just happens to be a very important part of Bengali cuisine) until every bite promises to be infused with the kind of flavour you can only dream of.

Where To Get It? : Oh! Calcutta [Hotel Rosewood,99/C, R T O Lane,Tardeo, Mumbai]

Cost: Rs. 399


Calcutta Club [22, Link Plaza, Near Police Station, Oshiwara, Andheri West, Mumbai]

Cost: 235


VII. Potoler Dolma

Definitely a bit of an acquired taste again, this one is all about the Portuguese influence in Bengali cuisine. The inside of this unusual vegetable is cleaned and stuffed with either prawns or other vegetables and then slow cooked in an oven.

Where To Get It? : Bhojohari Manna Restaurant is literally the only place we could find that serves this not-so-common side dish. And for cheap that too! [Shop 3 & 4 Reliable Business Centre, Opp Om Heera Panna Mall, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai - 400102]

Cost: Rs. 70


VIII. Chola Dal

Bengali Style Cholar Dal is a drool worthy lentil dish cooked with Bengal gram or channa dal and is ultimately made by adding coconut, ghee, and an assortment spices to the mixture. This makes the curry mildly spicy and very nutritious.

Where To Get It? : Bhojohari Manna Restaurant [Shop 3 & 4 Reliable Business Centre, Opp Om Heera Panna Mall, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai - 400102]

Cost: Rs 50


IX. Bandhakopir Dalna (Cabbage Curry)

Though that may not sound too appealing, this side dish is still worthy of your time because Bengalis take their food seriously no matter their status on a plate. It’s prepared by keeping the cabbage as the chief ingredient and cooking it along with potatoes and peas in a tomato and ginger based gravy. It’s never the hero though, best served with a heap of steamed rice and dal.

Where To Get It? : Bhojohari Manna Restaurant [Shop 3 & 4 Reliable Business Centre, Opp Om Heera Panna Mall, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai - 400102]

Cost: Rs. 100


X. Mishti Doi (Sweetened Yogurt)

Probably one of the best known Bengali dishes there is, mishti means sweet in Bengali and if there’s one thing locals are renowned for more than their love for Tagore, it’s their borderline genetically modified sweet tooth. Generally served up as an offering of the perfect dessert post all of the above mentioned goodies, it does take a little patience to make as the little matkas take at least 8-12 hours before they’re ready to be served.

Where To Get It? : Sweet Bengal (At one of their many outlets)

Cost: Rs. 300 for 1 kg


XI. Patishapta 

There are many forms of Pitha that are hugely popular in Bengal such as the Patishapta Pitha, Puli Pitha, Doodh Puli and more however, this delightfully sweet and nutritious dish is probably one of our favourites. Its outer layer is made of flour while the inner stuffing is made of different savouries such as coconut and dry fruits.
Where To Get It? : Sweet Bengal

(At one of their many outlets)

Cost - Rs. 28 per piece.


XII. Misti Pulao

Trust the Bengalis to come up with a way to combine their two favourite edibles—rice and sweet—because Misti Pulao is just that. A sweetened rice dish. It’s often also referred to as Holud Pulao or Basanti Pulao as both of them stands for the colour yellow. Perhaps the best part about it is the wafting aroma that accompanies each flavourful bite.
Where To Get It? : Sweet Bengal

(At one of their many outlets)


XIII. Rosogolla

No meal is complete without this angelic sweet treat from the gods themselves. A quintessential Bengali dessert, it’s made of milk and has a way of leaving your mouth awash with sugary juiciness. No one can eat just one.
Where To Get It? : Sweet Bengal

(At one of their many outlets) 

Cost - Rs. 19 per piece.


Compiled By: Homegrown Staff 

[We have by no means covered the breadth of traditional Bengali cuisine but this is a good place to start. If you think we’ve missed something out, don’t hold out on us. Share it in the comment section below and tell us where we can go get it! Also, if you enjoyed this article, you might also like Mumbai’s 14 Best Seafood Meals For Every Budget.]