11 Of Mumbai's Very Best Cheesecakes You Should Sink Your Teeth Into

11 Of Mumbai's Very Best Cheesecakes You Should Sink Your Teeth Into

Who can forget that classic Friends episode, where Chandler and Rachel were so taken by a certain creamy cheesecake with a buttery graham crust, that they were willing to eat it off the floor with forks, or sans utensils if need be? Sure we’ve never experienced Mama’s Little Bakery in Chicago, Illinois, but that doesn’t mean we can’t taste a slice of heaven at our very own doorstep. From Cheesecake Waffles, to Creme Brulee Cheesecake to Cheesecake stuffed with cookie dough or heaps of chocolate, we’ve got everything down in our list for people seeking the ultimate cheesecake experience. Put on some elastic pants and remember--this one is not for the weak-hearted.

I. Blueberry Cheesecake @ Cafe Basilico

This cheesecake is pure soul food; rich, warm and tart and has been consistently loved by patrons of Cafe Basilico. The tart and tangy quality of the blueberry is absolutely not lost, but the creamy texture of the cheesecake mellows it down. If you’re looking for something beyond the the ordinary run-of-the-mill blueberry cheesecake, try Cafe Basilico. You won’t be disappointed.

Cost: @ Rs. 273 a slice, you should be able to down two at this price

II. Cookie Dough Cheesecake @ Cheesecake Republic

Featured as one of Zomato’s Great Cheesecakes, this one has definitely earned its title. Featuring a throwback to all your childhood slumber parties, this cheesecake incorporates a heavy portion of cookie dough, bringing in both the flavours of the creamy cheesecake and cookie dough together in one remarkably tasty treat.

Cost: Om Nom Nom as our friend the Cookie Monster would say @ Rs. 1,800 for 1300gms

Source: Hungry Forever

III. Ultimate Triple Chocolate Chip Cheesecake @ Country of Origin

It may look like your ordinary Philly cheesecake, but in reality it is so much more than that. This baked goodie comes with heaps of generous chunks of dark, milk and white chocolate, topped with chocolate ganache. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll finally find something that satisfies it completely with this dish.

Cost: Worth the cavity @ Rs. 2,100 

IV. Nutella Cheesecake @ Love And Cheesecake

If there’s anything that proves that nutella was made to go with everything; it’s this cheesecake. The nutella and cheese perfectly complement each other in creamy goodness, and the tinge of hazelnuts added offer that pleasant crunchy surprise. If that’s not enough, the base is made out of pure Oreos and covered in Nutella frosting.

Cost: Make an appointment at your dentist’s afterwards @ Rs. 850 for half kg and 1550 for 1 kg

V. Red Velvet Cheesecake @ Love Sugar & Dough

 LSD has probably been winning birthday parties all over the cities with their extensive dessert menu, but none has gotten quite the celebration that the Red Velvet Cheesecake has. What is traditionally a graham crumb base has been replaced by a beautiful red velvet base, heaped with cream cheese and dusted over with red velvet again. A fusion dessert that is after our own heart.

Cost: Rs.140 per slice

VI. White Chocolate Cheesecake @ Mia Cucina

A cheesecake that’s super velvety, the white chocolate and cream cheese are a decadent mixture in every single bite. For people who swear no allegiance to dark or milk chocolate, we’d probably ask you how you’ve survived thus far, but after a bite of this cheesecake, call us converts.

Cost: Rs. 325  for the newly converted

VII. Desi cheesecake @ Mirchi And Mime

A Desi twist on a classic baked cheesecake, this cheesecake combines the best of New York with our fair nation’s favourite lunchbox condiment; Kissan Jam. The Kissan jam coulis is also heavily spread around a plate, making you wish your mother found out about this years ago so you’d have yet another reason to get the other kids jealous.

Cost: For Rs. 235, you should probably buy two

VIII. Baked Philadelphia cheesecake @ Cafe Moshe’s

“Dense cheese, crumbly crust” may sound like the lines of a poem addressing the wonders of grilled cheese, but only an aspiring poet at Cafe Moshe’s knows that the real poetry is their Baked Philadelphia cheesecake. With a cream cheese layer you could possibly drown in, you’ll rarely find a slice as fulfilling as this one.

Cost: At just Rs. 315 your wallet will be singing your praises

Representational image, source: Philadelphia

IX. Philly Cheesecake @ Smoke House Deli

A Philly Cheesecake is the Butter Chicken of the desserts menu; it sounds like it would be very difficult to get wrong, but as we all know, there’s numerous ways to ruin a good thing. Thankfully, we have the Smokehouse Deli, which ensures that our Philly needs are always met. Made with deliciously decadent Philly cream cheese, we recommend a good coffee to pair with this for the ultimate end to a meal.

Cost: Nirvana @ only Rs. 340

X. Crème Brûlée Cheesecake @ Terttulia

“Would you like the Crème Brûlée or the cheesecake?” asks your waiter. “Yes, please!” comes your response. It may baffle your waiters anywhere else, but in Terttulia, they understand what your appetite wants. Combining a cheesecake with Crème Brûlée is a power move, especially considering both can go disastrously wrong if anything is imprecise, which is what makes this dessert stand out like no other. Dreamily creamy with that classic Crème Brûlée taste, Terttulia knows it has a winner.

Cost: Rs. 315 for a dessert fit for kings & queens

XI. Warm Cheesecake @ The Tasting Room

A dessert so beautiful it would give masterchef a run for its money. This cheese is warm, smooth and creamy and the perfect complement to the rasberry sorbet, which is sweet and tangy.

Cost: @ Rs. 280 you can skip the culinary lessons 

Researched by Tanya Maheshwari