17-Year-Old Invents Masks That May Help Kill The Coronavirus

17-Year-Old Invents Masks That May Help Kill The Coronavirus
(L) India Today ; Google's Arts & Culture (R)

It has been over a year and we have had no respite from the deadly Coronavirus. If anything, we are in deeper waters than we were before. Masking up and socially distancing, along with vaccinations remain our best bet.

Taking the precautions further is 17-year-old Digantika Bose from West Bengal who claims that the mask she has come up with kills the virus.

The mask consists of three chambers, each of which plays a part in eliminating the virus. India Today reported, “There is a negative ion generator that filters the dust particles in the air. When the filtered air enters through the second chamber, it reaches the third one which is a chemical chamber containing a mixture of soap and water – which she said could kill the virus.”

Her invention is being exhibited in Google’s Museum of Design Excellence in Mumbai. It has also been acknowledged by the Health Ministry and may be used to help COVID-19 patients.

The youth stepping up is a promising way of carving our way out of this pandemic, and inventive minds like Digantika prove just that.

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