23 Of Mumbai's Most Iconic Sandwiches For Different Budgets

23 Of Mumbai's Most Iconic Sandwiches For Different Budgets

[If you enjoy meals stuffed between shapely, symmetrical carbs then perhaps you’d do well to check out Mumbai’s Best Burgers For Different Budgets. Or if you’re bored of your own city, give the Delhi’s best burgers a fair shot. Then again, if you’ve been on a diet resolution, perhaps it’s best you stay away from our bad influence and focus on Bombay’s Healthiest Meals For Different Budgets.]
Crowning the best sandwiches in a city where every sandwich stand only maintains a 10-foot distance from the next (if they’re the formality-maintaining type that is) might seem like a jolly good time but all that white bread isn’t exactly going down easy. It required some serious labour biting through this collection of bread-bound mini meals and you’d better be eternally grateful for it. Oh, who are we kidding. We’d do it again whether or not any editorial required our compliance.
Either way, the result of all that hard drooling, munching and almost-digesting is this seriously comprehensive, almost mathematically broken down countdown of the city’s very best sandwiches for every kind of budget. And because we’re well aware that no one’s going to let their personal favourite remain missing from this list, let’s strike a compromise. You tell us why it deserves homage in the comments section below and we’ll….well, we’ll take your word for it. Till then, scroll on to see if our paths crossed while eating the same delicious sandwich once. Chances are about 23 to 10000000.

I. Grilled Cheese Sandwich @ Right Place

Where: Warden Road, opposite Breach Candy Hospital

Grilled cheese is pretty much always on our minds and at this Warden Road eatery, bread, cheese (yes, we’re talking good old Amul), chopped up vegetables and chilli chutney with some green coriander come together and present themselves, slathered in butter, in scrumptious bite-sized pieces. Take one crunchy bite and you’re guaranteed to feel like everything’s falling into its right place. Cue that Radiohead.

Cost: Street Side ain’t always cheap, but it sure hits the spot @ Rs. 100


II. Veggie Sandwich @ Sandwizza

Where: Santacruz Market, Outside Friendship, Santacruz (W)

Veggie sandwiches are possibly one of the most underrated candidates in the culinary landscape of the city – never underestimate the power of one. At Sandwizza, they take these claims up a notch with their trademark spicy Sandwich Masala now flying off the shelves in labelled bottles – that’s when you know a street stall is really doing it right. Their sandwiches come stuffed with potato, tomato, onion, beetroot, cucumbers softened with coriander-mint chutney to please one and all, with the whole package coming under fifty bucks. That’s what we call a steal.

Cost: Keepin’ it real @ Rs. 45


III. Indigo Deli Reuben @ Indigo Deli

Where: Indigo Deli, Apollo Bandar, Colaba

This perennial people-pleaser consists of Indigo Deli’s own house-cured pastrami, the distinct and delightfully sour flavour of sauerkraut that is subdued by Swiss Cheese, all grilled in rye bread and topped off with tangy 1000 island dressing and gherkins.
Another option we love is the Grilled Tomato and Chevre with basil and arugula on herbed whole wheat bread (Rs.515/) which we actually featured in our pick of the city’s healthiest meals or Bagel & Lox, where Norwegian smoked salmon sits pretty, dabbed with cream cheese, and crowned with onions and capers, all dished up on a toasted poppy seed bagel (Rs.645/-), are other alternatives you don’t want to miss out on.

Cost: Worth every rupee but not an ideal daily go-to @ Rs. 585


IV. Smoked Salmon Sandwich @ The Tasting Room

Where: 1st floor, Good Earth Building, Raghuvanshi Mills, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel,

An open-faced wholewheat tartine hosts a bed of smoked salmon, pickled spring onion hearts, arugula and capers that you can devour accompanied by wine, the only sort of alcohol served at this aptly-named restaurant.

Cost: One of the cheaper Salmon options we’ve found in the city @ Rs. 490


V. Ham and Brie Sandwich @ Sante

Where: 1 Shahina Apartments, opposite Soul Fry, Pali Mala Road, Bandra (W)

Keeping it simple has never worked so well; the flavours of the slightly salty ham and creamy-as-hell brie makes for a real treat. Sante is one of those joints that has caught on famously with the stereotypical ‘Bandra’ crowd with its medley of cold cuts, cheeses, coffee, cheesecake, dips and baguettes.
Quick tip--all the sandwiches here are actually great so pick any one in case brie isn’t exactly ideal for your palate. Just make sure it’s with a dash of French style mustard for Rs 295 each.

Cost: Bang in the middle @ Rs. 295


VI. Chicken Afghani Sandwich @ Eat Around The Corner

Where: Ground Floor, 110 Cyrus House, near St. Theresa School, junction of 24th Road and 30th Road, Bandra (West)

Multi-grained bread envelopes tons of boiled chicken in a bread filler to make you feel easy like Sunday morning. The yoghurt dip it comes with is seasoned with pepper and spring onions, keeping things clean and minimal, just the way we like it.

Cost: Appetizing, filling and a bang for your buck @ approximately Rs. 350


VII. Brie and Caramelised Onion Sandwich @ Café Zoe

Where: Ground Floor, 110 Cyrus House, near St. Theresa School, junction of 24th Road and 30th Road,
Bandra (West).
Creamy, gooey brie and zippy arugula join forces with gloriously caramelized onions to amalgamate three simple ingredients into a flavor-filled tour de force. We have a particularly special place in our hearts for big, bold and complementary flavours so on that note alone, Zoe’s brie-onion delight is one of our absolute favourites across the board.

Cost: Maybe a bit over-priced but it’s never stopped us from getting it @ Rs. 550


VIII. Pulled Pork Belly with Chorizo @ Cafe at the NCPA

Where: Gate No. 2, National Centre for the Performing Arts, next to Amadeus, Nariman Point.

The only thing that could make either pulled pork belly or chorizo any better is the addition of either of the two to the other. Eating this monster of a sandwich is a little bit of a performing art in itself, especially if you’re trying not to emerge with its ingredients smeared on your face. Don’t be shy though – life is short, and no one ever got anywhere without getting a little chorizo oil dripping down their chin. And let’s not forget how robust it’s made with the flavours of sweet blueberry balsamic. It should be noted that this is one of the city’s best sandwich joints as far as we’re concerned so don’t hesitate to experiment beyond our suggestions. You’re unlikely to be disappointed.

Cost: Ingredients like these don’t come cheap @ Rs. 400 approx.


IX. Classic Egg Sandwich @ Big Sandwich Company

Where: Shop No.6, Greenland Apartment, J. B. Nagar, Andheri (East).

In line with our ideologies subscribing to the notion of all-day breakfasts (all restaurants should serve these, seriously) this sandwich is just the note you want to kick off your day on, whatever time that might be. Fluffy omelet - meet onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo and your longlost friend cheese in a group huddle between bread. If you really want to go in for the kill, get a gooey chocolate grilled sandwich. We can rarely resist.

Cost: God we love size variants with the ‘small’ weighing in @ Rs. 100 and the ‘large’ weighing in @ Rs. 130


X. Avocado Chicken with Basil and Burnt Garlic at Paninaro

Where: Peninsula Corporate Park, Lower Parel. Tel: 6565 5570; CR2 Mall, Ground Floor, Nariman Point.

Succulent chicken beckons the company of cool, buttery avocado, tomato with a surprise of guacamole in the centre that you won’t be able to get out of your head. Smoked garlic and balsamic throw in some more interesting flavours into the mix to leave you a very happy (and possibly fat) kid. If you’re an avocado fanatic like us however, you’d do well to remember that they’re only available seasonally.

Cost: That’s what we call an immense deal @ Rs. 130 approximately.


XI. Chorizo Bagel @ The Bagel Shop

Where: 30 Pali Mala Road, off Carter Road, Bandra (West).

If you know our food posts, you know that this particular bagel finds a way to rear its deliciously oily head no matter the occasion. Combining spicy sausage, cream cheese and bread fried in pork fat it’ll have you groaning with how good it is even as you put your cardiologist on speed dial.

Cost: We’ve discussed this and it’s unanimous. We’d pay double @ Rs. 330 (but we really hope they don’t make us)


XII. Mushroom and Onion Savoury Sandwich @ Badshah Snacks & Cold Drinks

Where: Crawford Market

One of the best kept secrets on this list, chilly sautéed vegetables and onions as filling have made this spicy sandwich a little bit of a culinary legend. Located in South Bombay, the eatery is famous for snacks and washing this sandwich down with a glass of Royal Falooda is always something to be encouraged.

Cost: This is not normal @ Rs. 40


XIV. Rasta Sandwich @ Kala Ghoda Cafe

Where: 10 Ropewalk Lane, opposite Trishna, Kala Ghoda.

Sometimes it’s not about what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it. The Rasta Sandwich at Kala Ghoda is, admittedly, an omelette sandwich – but it’s made aromatic with herbs including oregano, rosemary, parsley and thyme. Cooked painfully thin and soft, slathered just right with ketchup and mayo with an almost nonchalant addition of chopped tomato, coriander, chilli and onion to make it crunch as you bite into it, we suggest you get this grilled in whole grain bread to really do it some justice.

Cost: Oh so worth it @ Rs. 160


XV. Herbed Balsamic Smoked Chicken Sandwich at Smoke House Deli

Where: Next to Spaghetti Kitchen, High Street Phoenix, Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel.

This smoked chicken sandwich feels so healthy, you’ll feel like your body is thanking you for doing good things to it, even as your taste buds are fooled by all that deliciousness. There’s something about the smoking of meats that adds a richness we can’t get enough of to the flavour and they don’t use the word smoked lightly either. Add the pungent-yet-subtle drizzle of some balsamic vinegar to that flavour combination and your mouth is sure to be alive with the simple combination.  Of course,  you have the liberty to choose between pumpernickel, wholewheat tartine, rye or plain toasted bread, all escorted onto your plate by sides which include coleslaw, pickles and paprika fries. Just as an extra tip (especially handy for any pescetarians out there) the creaminess of the sesame tuna sandwich is second to none either. Don’t say we’re not looking out for you.

Cost: Health and taste doesn’t come cheap @ Rs. 390 but it certainly is worth it.


XVI. Pesto Melt at Food for Thought

Where: Inside Kitab Khana, Somaiya Bhavan, M. G. Road, Flora Fountain, Fort.

Food for Thought, owned by foodie, Reshma Sanghai and her husband, Kapil, will make you juggle notions of health and taste with their Pesto melt. Loaded with fresh tomato, homemade pesto sauce and basil, the wholewheat bread is deviously stuffed with cheddar and mozzarella. Served with French fries, this lipsmacker is guaranteed to be both filling and satisfactory on the palate.

Cost: We love our middle ground @ Rs. 250


XVII. Samosa Sandwich outside Heera Panna @ Manju Sandwichwala

Where: Ganesh Peth Lane, Near Shivaji Mandir, Dadar (W), Matunga, Mumbai

This Matunga stall has perfected the art of combining the best treats off of Mumbai streets and then throwing them together to make you drool. Crunchy, steaming samosas and some chopped vegetables are doused in the street food-staple green mint-coriander chutney all sandwiched in white bread to challenge the integrity of vada pavs everywhere. They also have a curious item called the sev puri toasted sandwich that sounds intriguing but we haven’t been able to cheat on the Samosa Sandwich quite yet.

Cost: At Rs 50, you’re going to take some on the go as well


XVIII. Samosa Cheese and Paneer sandwich at Priyanka Fast Foods

Where: Nariman Point

An office-going crowd frequents this eatery that offers a unique sandwich that sounds like a genius invention someone stumbled upon while inebriated. Crunchy samosas loaded with Amul cheese with some paneer thrown into the mis-sandwich that is as delicious as it sounds fattening.
“We have to keep adding things to the sandwich menu. Often, if people have eaten something at a place, they tell us and we add our twist to it,” stall-owner Mohammed Arif told TOI. Another interesting twist on the menu includes crunchy kurkure sandwiches, well worth everybody’s time.

Cost: The holy grail of street side sandwiches @ Rs. 45 only.


XIX. Jungli Sandwich @ Baba S Chaudharys Stall

Where: Opp Bhaidas Hall Next to Mithibai College

Located right outside Mithibai college, college students and theatre-goers mill around this stall jostling for this sandwich that’s got a filling of aloo, mayo and chutney, debating the equally popular alternative – the Mexican cheese grill that comes with green mint-coriander chutney, onion, tomatoes and crunchy capsicum. As is apparent, there’s nothing very Mexican about it but hey, with flavours like that, who’s complaining?

Cost: Might be more than the college day prices you remember but we’d pay 6 times more @ Rs. 25


XX. ‘Idli sandwich’ @ A Rama Nayak and Sons Udipi

Where: Kings Circle, Matunga

A. Rama Nayak always knows how to how keep it real, and they’ve been pulling off this particular masterstroke for a whopping 30 years. At least 25 piping hot plates of this specialty are meted out every day, being prepared in idli moulds with the batter, spicy garlic chutney, tomato and butter. The triangular sandwiches combine the best of South Indian with the idea of sandwiches to enchant regulars and newbies alike.

Cost: Is this seriously the price of such important innovation? @ Rs. 70 a plate.


XXI. Toast Sevpuri Sandwich @ Gupta Chaat Center

Where: Matunga East

Shankar Gupta, the stall owner of this Matunga eatery, dishes out 200 of these every day – a rage amongst patrons, this is literally sev puri served as a bread filler with khajur chutney for added flavour. The chocolate sandwich served here finishes as a close second.

Cost: You won’t even notice your wallet is lighter @ Rs. 40


XXII. Pizza Sandwich @ Jay Sandwich

Where: Near National College, Just off Linking Road, Bandra

Jay Sandwich serves up some sass along with their sandwiches, with two signs proclaiming (a) that you should only order if you have the time, and (b) that you cannot snap your fingers from a car, you have to get out and order at the counter to get some grub. Their pizza sandwich is a favourite with a lot of their many, many patrons. With a filling of diced onions and capsicum mixed with a lip-smacking tomato sauce, the sandwich is topped with tons of cheese and the whole package is grilled to make it melt right into the vegetables. A generous portion of languorously melting Amul butter crowns the sandwich in an anything-but-elegant-yet-totally-delicious finishing touch.

Cost: Step out of that car right now, it’s only Rs 80


XXIII. Masala Sandwich @ Pappu Sandwichwala

Where: Opposite Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Just off Linking road, Bandra

Pappu knows how to make your Bombay Sandwich experience count, and he’s been making sure of it for over 15 years now. The masala sandwich here is to die for, forgoing the song and dance of an overload of red chilli powder making it an affair involving soft potato, salt, mustard seed, turmeric and other spices to make a laidback yellow masala that won’t make you shed tears. Slices of cucumber and fresh tomato balance it out, all plopped onto buttered white bread that you can opt to gorge on either plain or toasted. Naturally, being the calorie counters we are, we always opt for the toasted.

Cost: The only kinds of tears you’re going to be shedding are of joy @ Rs 50



[If you enjoy meals stuffed between shapely, symmetrical carbs then perhaps you’d do well to check out Mumbai’s Best Burgers For Different Budgets. Or if you’re bored of your own city, give the Delhi’s best burgers a fair shot. Then again, if you’ve been on a diet resolution, perhaps it’s best you stay away from our bad influence and focus on Bombay’s Healthiest Meals For Different Budgets.]

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