4 Authentic Italian Pizza Parlours In Delhi To Satisfy All Your Cravings

4 Authentic Italian Pizza Parlours In Delhi To Satisfy All Your Cravings

Few dishes have the same universal appeal as pizza. From the Italian corners to the world, today it’s easy to find dhaba-style even in the most remote villages where it’s made in innovative and improvised ways. Pizza moves crowds, and lives in the heart of every human being with a cellphone in his hands or a craving for large quantities of cheese.

Finding a REALLY good pizza on the other hand, requires some effort, but luckily, Delhi now has a few places that are excelling at it. You can find true Italian restaurants serving the traditional Naples cookbook; classic flavours together with a thin crust. Although they don’t use tomatoes grown in the volcanic plateaus and the mozzarella may not come from Sicilian buffalos, the freshness of the ingredients and the skills of the pizzaiolo’s are living up to the mark.

Homegrown investigated the restaurants in Delhi serving the ‘real Pizzas’ that taste like they’ve just arrived from the streets of Naples. While some of them might be a little costly, keep in mind that you’re going to have remarkable experience – probably the best pizza you’ll ever have in this country. While our ode to the pizza gods can go on and on, here are some of our favourites from the national capital, so prepare your wallet, and head to one closest to you!

Located in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, La Piazza is a restaurant that pays great attention to details. The ingredients are brought in from Italy, and cooked in high quality wood-fired ovens. The establishment also has a wide selection of wines to go along with the pizzas, and has also won several food awards in the country (no surprises there). Despite the rates being high even for a simple Margherita, the pizzas are made by a real Italian chef from Bologna. It can’t get much better than that.

Cost: The cheesy Margherita for INR 1000 & good ‘ol Pepperoni for INR 1250

Sorrento is considered one of the best restaurants in New Delhi known for its heavenly pizzas, and remains a favorite even among Italians. The menu is seasonal and based on ingredients from selected regions, keeping the traditional Neapolitan style alive. Sorrento located at the Shangri La – Eros Hotel, and despite being a bit expensive you can get a 20 percent discount on lunch from Monday to Saturday if you book online.

Cost: INR 995 for a Margheritta, INR 1195 for a Pepperoni.

Source: Eazydiner

III. Prego

For those who live in the outskirts of Delhi, namely Gurgaon in this case, Prego at The Westin serves some pretty noteworthy Italian pizzas. The dishes are simple and fresh, and although considered Californian in style, the place has a characteristic Italian atmosphere. One can find a variety of pizzas on their menu and several other Italian dishes to choose, right from elaborate pastas to stuffed calzones.

Cost: INR 820 for a Margherita, INR 980 for a delicious Bismark (Parma Ham, Asparagus, Mozzarella, Parmesan and Eggs).

Famous among Italian expats, Diva is situated at the Italian Cultural Center, inside the Italian Embassy in New Delhi. Every dish is carefully built, from picked herbs to traditional handmade dough. The food is excellent and the menu is quite cheap when compared to other restaurants of the same level. Famous for its service and professionalism, and the lush garden of the Italian Embassy is the place to be for those looking for the authentic Italian essence.

Cost: Mere INR 560 for a Margherita, and INR 790 for a Prosciutto.

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