4/20 Munchies: 12 Of Bombay's Most Gooey, Delicious Brownies

4/20 Munchies: 12 Of Bombay's Most Gooey, Delicious Brownies

If there’s one dessert that unites sweet-toothed denizens, it’s brownies. There are many theories surrounding the birth of this glorious finger dessert, the most popular being the one of a housewife from Maine, who was baking a chocolate cake but forgot to add baking powder. As a result, the mixture didn’t rise. But instead of tossing it out and chalking it down as a failed attempt, she cut the flat cake into squares and served them. However, that turned out to be just a myth. What isn’t a myth, however, is that these little squares of heaven are the perfect end to a meal, and even make for delicious albeit decadent snacks.
The culinary world has definitely come a long way though. It’s no longer just about regular plain ol’ chocolate brownies. There are blondies, chocolate chip, coffee, and even red velvet brownies—more than enough to satisfy even the pickiest gourmands. But, with such a wide variety to choose from, where does one begin? Thankfully, we’re unabashed gluttons, especially when it comes to dessert, so we raided our LBB (Little Brownie Book) to bring you this list of 12 brownies across the city, from diligent home bakers and bakeries alike, to satiate the cravings we know you’re going to experience today. After all, it’s 4/20.

I. Roasted Almond Brownie at Country Of Origin, Juhu, Bandra, Malabar Hill

Ever been to one of those places where you want to buy everything the minute you walk through the door? Country of Origin is one of those. From their cutesy little bottles stuffed with sweet treats to their delectable cookies, we have to control ourselves from snatching things off shelves and emptying out our wallets at the cash register. We mostly do the above when the Roasted Almond Brownie is out of stock, to sort of mask our sorrow. But if it isn’t, we snap these babies up. And you should too.

Cost: Rs. 70

II. Mars Chocolate Brownie at Deliciae Patisserie, Khar/Andheri/Ghatkopar

While Deliciaie is known more for its amazingly crafted cakes, they make a pretty mean Mars Chocolate Brownie, which consists of a rich chocolate brownie topped with a half-melted Mars bar squished on top. What’s better than a candy bar? A candy bar-brownie hybrid, of course.

Cost: Rs. 140

Chocolate Mars Brownie at Deliciae

III. Brownies at Eighth by Anurita Ghoshal, Khar

Anurita Ghoshal took a break from her hectic advertising job to study at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, and Eighth is the result of that. Nothing is stocked or stored here—each order is made fresh. You need to call (9820267003) a day before to place your order. Ghoshal also conducts baking classes in case you want to try your hand at whipping up your own batch of brownies. Sign up for a class if you feel like, but in the meantime order a batch of her brownies.

Cost: Rs. 600 for a box of eight brownies

Brownies at Eighth by Anurita Ghoshal

IV. Nutella Brownie at Le 15, Bandra/Lower Parel

Le 15 gets credit where it’s due for making Mumbai macaron crazy and we’ve lost count of the number of these bite-sized buttons of joy we’ve popped into our mouths over the years. But this establishment is not only a champion macaron maker, it also bakes some seriously good Nutella brownies. If you can’t eat it straight out of the jar for whatever reason (social pressure/overbearing hygiene-crazy mother) this brownie is the next best thing.

Cost: Rs. 75

Nutella Brownies at Le 15. Image source: Instagram

V. Belgian Chocolate Brownie at Le Pain Quotidien, Colaba/BKC/Powai

Here’s the thing about Le Pain Quotidien’s Belgian Chocolate Brownies—they look more like chocolate cupckaes. So when you go into the restaurant asking for these brownies and the guy behind the counter points at a chocolate cupcake lookalike, don’t look flummoxed…you’ll just come off looking like an amateur. These little chocolate devils seem unremarkable at first, but once you bite into them you’ll discover why they have a global fan following. The top crust is a little brittle and gives way immediately, exposing a soft, chewy and densely chocolate interior.

Cost: Rs. 275

Belgian Chocolate Brownies at Le Pain Quotidien. Image source: lettucereview.com

VI. Gooey Chocolate Chip Brownie by Neeru’s Cakes & Desserts, Kemps Corner

Neeru has been churning out decadent treats including customised cakes for years. Some creations cause quite a stir when posted on the brand’s Facebook page, but the only thing we have eyes for is her Gooey Chocolate Chip Brownie. It’s rich and just the right amount of gooey.

Cost: Rs. 60

Gooey Chocolate Chip Brownies at Neeru's Cakes & Desserts

VII. White Magic Brownies by Rhea Bharucha, Colaba

Colaba-based Rhea Bharucha comes from a family of home bakers. Her mother Sherna Bharucha’s chocolate cake is legendary and has been the staple of kiddie parties from Colaba to Bandra for decades. Rhea’s White Magic Brownie is a gooey, chewy white chocolate brownie with a thin, flaky top layer that crackles as you bite into it. While it’s not as straight up decadent and chocoaltey as the others on this list, it’s a different kind of brownie that any self-respecting brownie lover must try. To place an order, call Rhea on 9820941023.

Cost: Rs. 550 for a dozen brownies

White Magic Brownies by Rhea Bharucha

VIII. Salted Caramel Brownie by Sheena’s Cakes & Desserts, Bandra

Sheena Hamid is a home baker in Bandra who sells her delicious ware through her Facebook page. Her Salted Caramel Brownie, which consists of a sticky layer of caramel atop a gooey chocolate brownie, has won her many fans. Best when eaten warm.

Cost: Rs. 850 for a box of 16 brownies

Salted Caramel Brownies by Sheena's Cakes and Desserts

IX. Mocha Bliss at Sleight Of Hand

There’s something you should know about Sleight of Hand: they make some of the best goddamn brownies we’ve ever had. Each little (and we mean ‘little’) square is a dense mass of chocolate that could change anyone’s day for the better. Our pick here is the Mocha Bliss—even though their regular chocolate brownies and Chocolate Shortbread is amazing—and here’s why: their ratio of chocolate to coffee is spot on. It’s deceptively easy to mess up the proportions and we’ve had way too many chocolate-coffee brownies where one flavour overpowers the other. But that’s never happened at Sleight of Hand yet. And we don’t think it ever will.

Cost: Rs. 95

Mocha Bliss at Sleight of Hand

X. Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie at SugarOverDose, Santacruz

There was a time when red velvet was the flavour du jour and places catering to this sudden mania mushroomed up across the city. A few years later, the mania has died down, leaving behind only those who truly understand how to make a good red velvet desert. SugarOverDose is one such place. This Santacruz spot’s Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie teams thick and creamy New York style cheesecake with luscious red velvet, resulting in a perfect amalgamation of taste and texture.

Cost: Rs. 180

Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie by SugarOverDose

XI. Chocolate Chip Brownie at Sugar Rush, Altamount Road

Malika Rahat-Khan’s Sugar Rush’s Chocolate Chip Brownie is a delicious fudgy and moist dark chocolate brownie with dark chocolate chips that melt in your mouth. Perfect for when you have company or even when you want to be a total glutton all by yourself. Order via Sugar Rush’s Facebook page or call on +919833498943

Cost: Rs. 450 for a box of 16 brownies.

XII. Millionaire Brownie at Theobroma, Colaba/Peddar Road/Bandra/Powai

Theo’s has been assaulting our senses with their decadent chocolate treats for the last decade or so. While its menu has expanded over the years to include many tempting options, no visit for us is ever complete without a Millionaire Brownie. It’s probably the king of all brownies in the kingdom of Theo’s. It consists of a base made of chocolate chip brownie, topped with a layer of salted caramel, which in turn is topped with a nice thick spread of chocolate truffle. Although we will confess that the Chocolate Overload is a worthy opponent should you wish to try something else.

Cost: Rs. 85

Millionaire Brownie at Theobroma. Image source: vogue.in

—Special Mention—

Sizzling Brownie at Cream Centre/New Yorker, Chowpatty

You knew this was coming. No list on the best brownies in the city is complete without the mention of Cream Centre and New Yorker’s Sizzling Brownie. One part novelty and one part decadence come together to make this unforgettable dish that’s seared in every millenial’s brain. Whenever you found yourself at one of these restaurants, you knew someone had ordered the Sizzling Brownie because the smell of barely-seared chocolate announced its arrival moments before it was whisked past your table—and it assaulted our noses as we rushed through the remainder of our meals just so we could order it too. And thankfully, our parents never said no.

Cost: Rs. 369

Sizzling Brownie (representational only). Image source: pioneerchef.com

Research by Diva Garg

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