5 Homegrown Musicians Raising Funds For COVID-19 Relief Organisations

5 Homegrown Musicians Raising Funds For COVID-19 Relief Organisations

As the nation continues to grapple with the on-going horrors of Covid-19, if there is one thing that hasn’t failed the nation it is the people. With mass mobilisation on social media to offer aid and resources for each other, the ordinary citizens have come through. There are also certain on-ground organisations and volunteers who have been a light for those in these dark times.

In order to raise funds for these organisations, musicians from across the board are putting up either their previously unavailable albums or new soundscapes and radio shows up for the audience. Here is a list of few you can contribute to.

Arjun Vagale, one of India’s most prolific DJ’s has stepped forward along with other artists including the likes of @dotdat, @kohra from the Indian electronic music community in aid of Hemkunt foundation to compile a mix of unreleased music that is available exclusively via Bandcamp. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Hemkunt Foundation, an NGO doing on-ground COVID-19 relief work and supplying oxygen to critical patients.

“The idea was to put this project out as soon as possible so we can start generating funds immediately. We need to help NOW! I want to thank all the artists who stepped up and contributed - we literally put this together in a couple of days - None of this would be possible without your art. Special shout out to Madhav at AudioSol for being an absolute champion. And THANK YOU for buying & supporting this release - every rupee you donate will help save a life.”  

— Arjun Vagale (On Bandcamp)

You can contribute here.

In an attempt to raise funds for @give_india, a not-for-profit organisation actively working to help COVID-19 patients, their families and healthcare workers at this time of crisis, Boxout FM is broadcasting a weekend long radio stream featuring a line-up of artists & DJs from over 20 countries. They will be playing exclusive sets and giving performaces through 15th and 16th May to raise funds. The lineup includes names like Amotik, Bergen & Hansi, CEE, Danse Noire, Human Inside, Mutual Intentions, Rayo among others.

“India needs the support of the global community, and this is our way of reaching out to our friends and well-wishers around the world. Please donate whatever you can and help amplify this fundraiser within your own networks.
Music has the power to connect, mobilise and heal - we truly hope that this programming brings a few moments of enjoyment to our listeners while it also supports the incredible work of those on the frontlines through the funds raised.”

— BoxOut.Fm (On Instagram)

You can contribute to the fundraiser here.

Electronic music producer Sandunes along with music producer Citizenkna in collaboration with with @kerehaklu and @tipsessionscoastaledit were able to make sounds available as part of a fundraiser for Covid-19 relief. “These are the sounds of circadian rhythms.. of birds, bees, frogs, and streams. @citizenkna and I recorded them as part of an archive of natural soundscapes around the Western Ghats last year,” says Sanaya Ardeshir aka Sandunes.

“Kerelief - is a series of natural soundscapes intended to bring you calm amidst the collective anxiety, pain, and grief - as we navigate this brutal second wave of COVID-19 around India.
100% of proceeds will be donated to @tipsessionscoastaledit in support of much needed COVID-19 kitchens, and to facilitate medical aid deliveries in Karnataka (Udupi / Chikmagalur / Mangalore).”  

— SandunesMusic (On Instagram)

You can contribute here.

In a bid to raise funds for Hemkunt Foundation that has been working tirelessly for people in Delhi-NCR, indie-jazz ballroom band Peter Cat Recording Co. is making their previously unavailable albums exclusively available for their fans. The fundraiser has been live for a week now and you can only purchase the album for the next 24 hours after which they will be indefinitely unavailable again.

“We’re putting up three albums you may have heard of, Sinema (2010), Wall of Want (2011) and Happy Holidays (2020) for sale for a week only, starting today!
100% of all proceeds (minus taxes) will be going to @hemkunt_foundation towards Covid-19 relief. We implore you to buy or even donate directly to said foundation.”  

— Peter Cat Recording Co. (On Instagram)

Purchase an album and contribute to the fundraiser here.

To raise funds for @officialyuva, Sanaya Ardeshir aka Sandunes, an electronic music artist has come up with a Covid-Relief Sample Pack that is a diverse artist-made sample pack by music makers and producers. It includes tool kits and soundscapes by artists such as– @rachelkcollier @dualistinquiry @bassdroppingalien @georgefitzmusic @kavyatrehan @citizenkna @ox7gen @sarathykorwar @oceantiedmusic @modularprincess and @halfwaif.

“There’s some really beautiful stuff in here - evolving textures, emotive vocal samples, percussion kits, guitars, some really unique drum loops, and even some cheeky birdsong.
All proceeds from the sales of this soundpack will be donated to @officialyuva to support their #covid_19 relief efforts during this continuing onslaught of the second wave.”  

— Sanaya Ardeshir (On Instagram)

You can contribute here.

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