6 Indian Creative Companies Making Waves With Unconventional Ideas

6 Indian Creative Companies Making Waves With Unconventional Ideas

The Indian industry is slowly making room for more: while the top tiers still host large-scale business and mass-produced merchandise, the fast-growing start-up culture has made way for many creative companies that are doing unconventional work. The young Indian consumer, too, has changed and now looks for innovation, individuality and often, sustainability. Working with art, design and technology, many small-scale startups have broken ground to meet these needs. Moreover, even existing companies have started to realize the importance of folding creativity into their brand – and thus, the creative industry in India finds new ways to expand, everyday. Here are 5 Indian companies making waves in the creative sector:

Delhiwear and the story of its inception are synonymous to when cogs of a machine fit perfectly, rendering the machine operational.” With a desire to merge the western sense of streetwear with into the Indian idea of homegrown and local fashion, Delhiwear recreates the vision of selling quality and comfortable fashion under different collections such as ‘VARDI’, and ‘DUKAAN’. In a haze of mass-produced commercial wear that hangs off the racks of every store, Delhiwear stands out as a creative company with an edge of warmth, individuality and of course – the familiar ‘Delhi’ aesthetic.

II. Deeza

The business industry in India is no longer constricted within the fences of technical management. The mechanics of providing any product or service is interspersed with working on creative solutions and building a human connect with consumers. Deeza, a Delhi-based creative company recognizes this gap and works to help business, design studios and corporations, among other clients. Using a model of ‘4 C’s’: Creative Intellect, Creative Intelligence, Creative Talent and Creative Works, Deeza helps brings change at the level of reinvention and scalability – bringing an intersection between industry and human solutions.

Here’s something you don’t find often on a list: a wood working company of one. Based out of Mumbai, Not So Shabby is a collection of wooden home décor and lifestyle products, designed and crafted by one person. Truly brining the element of creativity to this industry, Not So Shabby recognizes what you want and customizes the product to be truly unique. At Not So Shabby, Vinanti Kothari, handles everything: from painting & polishing, product photography & editing, building a website, managing the Instagram page and packaging. Choose from a range of wall décor, shelves, frames and much more!

Calling themselves more of a ‘movement’ than just a business, Workshop Q was born out of the need to innovate with creativity, sustainability. A general perspective associated with upcycled or eco-friendly art is that it is ‘earth’ and ‘rustic-looking’ – but Workshop Q strives to bring home the notion that eco-friendly art can be fun and unique. Making the best out of waste, Sustainability and environmental safety remains a priority for Workshop Q. Every product – clocks, photo frames, desk accessories, among many more – undergoes a cycle of ideating, identifying the waste available, procuring it and finally upcycling the waste to create a new product. Run out of Jaipur by a team of 2, WorkshopQ is at the forefront of the intersection between creativity and sustainability.

In their own words, LifePlugIn aims to be a “Disneyland of Learning and Education.” If there an industry that needs the intervention of creativity, it is education and teaching. With the objective make learning an adventure – and a product of intrinsic motivation, LifePlugIn curates the best teachings as well as professionals from over 15 countries. Through their events and masterminds, LifePlugIn urges people to engage, learn, and experience personal growth in an enriching environment. Working to organize summits across India, the LifePlugin team is dedicated to building a community of creativity and growth.

With India’s independent music industry blossoming, it’s no surprise that the supporting ecosystem is mushrooming across the country as well. But often, aspiring artists fail to get the correct guidance and mentor-ship that is truly needed to take their craft to the next level. And this is where Kamp1 comes in. Kamp1 is a creative collective, academy, co-working space and record label for musicians, producers, singer/songwriters and artists. This Gurgaon based company specialises in training students in Music Production, DJing, Instruments and Vocals. So you are a wannabe musician yourself, you know where to apply!

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