Seven Indian Brands That Are Doing Plus-Size Fashion Right

Seven Indian Brands That Are Doing Plus-Size Fashion Right

Style has no size, but a majority of brands in India seem to have missed the memo. This is a market that is highly underserved, and what’s most surprising is that even big players in the game like H&M have pulled out their plus size lines. Tim Gunn, everyone’s favourite fashion guru, was quoted saying “For the past three years, plus-size women have increased their spending on clothes faster than their straight-size counterparts. There is money to be made here,” he said. “But many designers — dripping with disdain, lacking imagination or simply too cowardly to take a risk — still refuse to make clothes for them.”

At a time when the industry is still taking baby steps towards further inclusivity (most often throwing in a single plus-sized or non gender-normative person into the runway mix simply to generate media interest) it’s encouraging to see at least a few labels take the time to apply their imagination to different shapes and sizes.

We know how real the struggle is - so we’ve created a list of brands that won’t turn their backs on you no matter your size.

If “Work Hard” - scratch that - If “Play Hard” is your motto; Black, your colour; New York your favourite city and French your chosen language to ponder the ways of the universe, this is the brand for you. They have the most chic collection of casual t-shirts and tunics, in all hues of black for those of you who just couldn’t be asked to submerge yourselves with colour. They even have a collection of jackets, blazers and sweaters that lend your outfit a necessary edge. Sassy Soda is a brand by Westside, so you’re sure to find it just about anywhere. The price ranges from INR 1000 to INR 2500 making it rather affordable.


This plus sized clothing store believes strongly that fashion must be made accessible to one and all. With 41 standalone stores in 14 cities across India, aLL has a solid collection of jeans for both men and women, shirts, and casual trousers. Their ethnic wear for women houses chudidhars in all the solid colours, leaving plenty room for you to mix and match with your mood for the day. The causal shirt selection for men has a good variety of patterns and solids. They even have a winter wear collection in which you feel find comfy warm hoodies to lounge about in. aLL’s sizes range from 0-5 and we were happy to see that a large number of their products are available across all sizes. If you don’t live in a city with a standalone store, you can always buy your clothes online on their website.

While they are not exclusively a plus-sized store (something we wish more designers indulged in) this luxury swimwear brand will customize bikinis and one pieces to fit your body. You are the curator - and you can have just about anything you want! Swimwear that fits well and that makes you feel good is so difficult to come by and these guys make it that much easier for you. You will have to book an appointment for customization in advance. Glance through their look book here for inspiration.

Image Source: Shivan and Narresh

Tailorman believes that your clothes should be made to fit you no matter what size you are. It was founded to provide a revolutionary alternative to the clutter of over-priced yet ill-fitting and low quality menswear available in the market today. They have an eclectic collection to suit every Palate – ranging from innovative and modern designs to elegant, timeless couture - using only the finest fabrics and materials. Backed by 18 years of experience with more than ten million suits under our belt, they manufacture for global customers such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, DKNY and many Savile Row, London boutiques which specialize in bespoke clothing.

Zivame helps women step out of their drawers and reach out for the lingerie they deserve. They believe that every woman has the right to find access to high quality, refreshing design and a fit engineered perfectly for her body when it comes to intimate wear. For this, they bring you brands and styles just as diverse as our message. They deliver to over 20,000 pin codes across India because lingerie is for everyone and they hope to leave no woman behind. The bras go all the way up to a G cup, and are completely affordable. There are tons of styles to choose from (backless, wired, ½ coverage, ¾ coverage to name a few) and there are so many colour options - you no longer need to condemned to the world of black, white and beige bras. It’s time to have some fun!

Going up to 4XL, Faballey Curve is great for dresses and skirts. From maxis and minis, to peplums and midis - they’ve got it all. The best part? There’s plenty to choose from so you’re sure to find something you can wear to work, on a date or both on the same day. Effortlessly chic, this brand knows what it’s doing. It gets better - it is highly affordable! Maxi dresses and skirts for no more than INR 1400.

Image Source: Faballey

VII. Mustard

Mustard is great for daily wear - from kurtas to button down shirts to comfortable lounge pants. They love floral platters, bright colours and clean cuts. Best part? They don’t just retail plus size clothing, but have plus size versions of their regular sized clothing, making the process more inclusive. They also do international shipping and free returns making life that much easier.

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