7 Indian Films We Can't Wait To Watch In 2024

Our selection of 7 highly anticipated films in 2024
Our selection of 7 highly anticipated films in 2024IMDb

As we are gearing up for the new year, the Indian film industry eagerly primes itself for another riveting year filled with storytelling, creativity, and talent. The landscape of Indian cinema in 2024 promises an eclectic mix of narratives spanning various genres, from gripping thrillers to dramas and imaginative animations.

Here's a sneak peek into 7 highly anticipated films set to grace the screens:

Girls Will Be Girls ( by Shuchi Talati)

This upcoming film centers on 16-year-old Mira's journey of self-discovery and rebellion in an elite Himalayan boarding school. This Indo-French co-production explores Mira's exploration of desire and romance, disrupted by her mother's unfulfilled coming-of-age. Despite its compact storytelling, the film has already gained recognition, winning the International Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival and securing a Sundance Film Festival nomination. Anticipated for its nuanced portrayal of generational clashes and the complexities of identity formation, this film promises to be an engaging cinematic experience.

Schirkoa: In Lies We Trust ( by Ishan Shukla)

Set in the society of 'Schirkoa,' this is an animated film blending fantasy and sci-fi, where people wear paper bags to erase differences, tensions surge when rumours of a bag-free land spark a revolution led by a new council member. Expanding into a feature-length animation, this narrative explores a bored office worker's accidental role in inciting change in a dystopian world. With a cast including Asia Argento, Anurag Kashyap, and Karan Johar, the film promises a gripping exploration of conformity and individuality. Originally a highly awarded short film, it qualified for the Oscars and won at many festivals.

Aadujeevitham (by Blessy)

Or also titled 'The Goat Life', is an intense survival drama based on the true story of Najeeb Muhammad, an Indian migrant worker forced into a slave-like existence herding goats in Saudi Arabia. Starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, the film is an adaptation of Benyamin's novel and has been in development since 2009. Overcoming hurdles, including budget constraints, the project gained momentum in 2015 with Blessy finding a producer. Set for release on April 10, 2024, this international co-production reflects resilience amidst adversity, featuring powerful performances and a musical score by A. R. Rahman.

All We Imagine As Light (Directed by Payal Kapadia)

Follows Prabha, a nurse disrupted by an unexpected gift from her estranged husband, while her roommate, Anu, navigates privacy issues in the city with her boyfriend. Their intertwining stories unfold on a road trip to a coastal town, where a mystical forest becomes a space for dreams to manifest. Kapadia, known for her award-winning documentary, is set to debut in fiction. The film, backed by grants and lab recognition, will be produced by Petit Chaos. With Kapadia's repertoire and Cannes recognition, this film stands as an anticipated gem for 2024, exploring human connections amidst life's complexities.

All We Imagine As Light
All We Imagine As LightPayal Kapadia

Merry Christmas (by Sriram Raghavan)

'Merry Christmas' is a gripping tale set against the backdrop of an otherwise mundane Christmas Eve, where the lives of two individuals take an unexpected twist. Releasing on January 12, 2024, the film mixes elements of drama and thriller. Exuding retro aesthetic, this film hints at the profound transformation that occurs as the night's mysteries unfold, promising a riveting exploration of suspense and unforeseen revelations within the narrative.

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan (by Arjun Varain Singh)

Is a Hindi coming-of-age drama set for a Netflix release on December 26, 2023. Set in Mumbai, the narrative unearths the digital age story of three close friends navigating the complexities of life in their twenties. Their journey intertwines romance, ambition, heartbreak, and the addiction of social media, encapsulating the entwined dynamics of modern existence in a bustling city. Co-written by Singh, Zoya Akhtar, Reema Kagti, and Yash Sahai, and produced by Excel Entertainment and Tiger Baby, the film stars Adarsh Gourav, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Ananya Panday.

Chakda 'Xpress (by Prosit Roy)

It is an upcoming Hindi biographical sports drama, portrays the life of Indian cricketer Jhulan Goswami, highlighting her journey through adversities and misogynistic obstacles to become one of cricket's greatest fast bowlers. This film marks Anushka Sharma's return to the screen after a five-year hiatus since 'Zero.' Goswami's story symbolises resilience and determination, showcasing her pursuit of representing India despite challenges. 'Chakda 'Xpress' is set to celebrate sportsmanship and Goswami's inspiring dedication to the game.

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