9 Homegrown Menswear Labels That Breathe New Life Into Your Wardrobe

9 Homegrown Menswear Labels That Breathe New Life Into Your Wardrobe

Homegrown menswear brands are creating an opportunity to experience everyday clothing that amalgamates Indian craftsmanship with a global aesthetic. These Indian menswear labels are creating a niche for themselves. From ilovepero’s eclectic prints to Almost Gods utilitarian and understated handloom designs, Homegrown brings you the menswear labels that should be on your radar.

I. Prxkhxr

aka Prakhar is a clothing brand that makes relaxed fits and everyday wear apparel. From printed shirts to comfortable t-shirts with fun designs, this brand should be on your radar for all things cool. And they also have some great outerwear options to complement your regular outfits.

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LOTA is a clothing label with sustainability at its core. The brand tries to give life to the tonnes of fabric that are discarded every hour by collaging them into newer experiences. That means you’ll find clothes like shirts that are made out of fabric scraps cut out from the neck and arm area of garments at mass garment manufacturing facilities.

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III. Almost Gods

The Almost Gods uniform “The Garden of Earthly Desires” was created to challenge common expectations of cut, design, and material innovation, while highlighting the eccentric yet approachable designs of our urban streetwear. The Almost Gods uniform highlights the inextricable link between streetwear and art, aiming to strike a balance between a maximalist minimalism that has yet to be explored on this scale in India.

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A premium menswear brand that celebrates India’s rich textiles and Indian craftsmanship, HARAGO blends traditional techniques with modern styles. The result is high-quality shirts, jackets, pants, and shorts with an easygoing feel and an aesthetic suitable for work, holidays, dinners, picnics, and even lazing around.

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V. Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance clothes are influenced by the cultures of the Indian subcontinent the house aims to represent South Asian history and heritage in luxury street culture. The brand’s collections have a lot of art forms and tales that have been sorely needed to be explored and spoken about. All of this is merged into unisex silhouettes deemed fit for any occasion.

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TRIUNE, a contemporary streetwear label is carving its own niche with a versatile palette that celebrates all things colours, happiness, and nostalgia; crafting flattering fashion sensations for vacation, voyage, travel, and everything in between. Each piece is an amalgamation of retro-charisma fused with contemporary bohemian designs that are bold and unabashedly eclectic. The label’s ethos is all about celebrating diversity and stepping beyond the conventional rules of fashion.

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VII. Péro

New Delhi-based label Péro may be better known for the way in which they marry international aesthetics with Indian textiles, but their menswear debut is nothing short of impressive. Offering a fresh yet vibrant palette of layering and mixing patterns and prints, the label offers a high-end take on menswear clothing.

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A menswear company based in New delhi, Itoh contemporises the spirit of vintage clothing by creating classic, rare and refined silhouettes using the finest materials and techniques.

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Combining easy and fabric and eccentric aesthetic, OP Haneen, the brand is worthy of your time! The labels’ range of simple no-fuss menswear appeals to the masses but also had loads of colour and flair.

Check out the label here.

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