9 Mouthwatering, Buttery Parathas Across Mumbai You Should Tear Into Right Now

9 Mouthwatering, Buttery Parathas Across Mumbai You Should Tear Into Right Now

It’s a tale as old as time, a classic romance that spans the eras. Girl/ boy meets paratha, girl/ boy eats paratha and they all live happily ever after. Sometimes it rains and then the romance just gets extra steamy. Hot parathas have the magical ability to take you back in time to your childhood, roadtrips, exacting memories--there’s something about them just personifies comfort and just about everyone brings their own touch to it. They also have the unique quality of being all-day food so whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or a midnight snack you need parathas will be there for you.
You can find yourself a paratha at almost any restaurant in the city but only a few are truly spectacular. We’ve tracked down the very best so as the rain batters the life out of the world outside you can snuggle up with your hot paratha and revel in the ultimate comfort food.

Where: 7 Bungalows, Andheri West 

This North Indian haven only offers takeaway and home delivery services which is perfect because, let’s face it, parathas are comfort food – best enjoyed in pajamas during a Netflix binge. They have a mouthwatering range of gravies and biryanis if you want a full meal but the Mughlai Paratha is what really steals the show. Baked in a tandoor patrons will all swear by its ability to satisfy all your cravings.

What You’re Getting: The Mughlai Paratha, obviously. On its own or as a side these babies are to die for.

Cost: At Rs. 35 you’ll be able to order up a feast

Where: Fort

This restaurant is all about simplicity, clean but unadorned they allow their food to take the spotlight. Traditionally Keralan it wouldn’t be the first place you’d think about to satisfy your paratha needs but then you meet their Malabar paratha and all expectations are defied. To really amp it up add a bowl of prawn or fish curry and dunk to your heart’s content.

What You’re Getting: A true marriage of the North and South – The Malabar Paratha is everything.

Cost: At Rs. 11 you’ll be tempted to take stacks home for later

Where: Goregaon East

This simple joint really lives up to its name with two full pages of parathas on the menu you’ll have a hard time choosing the perfect order. If you must limit yourself to one you should definitely pick the paneer cheese paratha, baked to a slight crisp, loaded with molten paneer and cheese and spiced to perfection. If this creation of oozing goodness isn’t enough they serve every paratha plate with kali dal and raita so you know you won’t leave hungry.

What You’re Getting: The Paneer Cheese Paratha proves that cheese really does make everything better.

Cost: Forget your diet because at Rs. 180 you’ll be ordering more than one

Where: Vile Parle West

With a name like ‘The Paratha House’ you better believe their parathas are unbeatable. Thick, soft, buttery and with a generous amount of filling you won’t be able to settle on just one but don’t worry they’ve got you covered. Khasiyat offers 3 types of paratha baskets so you never have to deal with paratha FOMO. The first serves four fixed flavours, the second lets you pick and mix your own flavours and the third is solely cheese and paneer parathas. All the baskets come with chole, black dal, raita and pickle so you definitely don’t have to worry about going hungry.

What You’re Getting: The whole damn basket.

Cost: For Rs. 370 you can dig into your own paratha basket

Image Source: Khasiyat The Paratha House

V. Lashkara - By Punjab Sweethouse

Where: Bandra

Located above Punjabi Sweet House this tiny eatery houses barely 8 tables and while they may not be big on space they’re big on taste. Gorge yourself on traditional Punjabi food surrounded by posters of Punjab’s heroes. Everything is pretty delicious but the standout dish is the Gobi paratha. Massive but thin, stuffed but not too heavy, this paratha manages to maintain the perfect balance. Served up with raita, chole and pickle this will make your heart and stomach happy.

What you’re getting: Gobi in its best form, stuffed into a paratha.

Cost: This massive meal comes at a small price at Rs.150

Where: Bandra

Proper Punjabi food needs a proper Punjabi ambience and that is exactly what you’ll get at Papa Pancho’s. The brass crockery gives the place a really comforting feel and will make you feel right at home, this will allow you to pig out on their delicious aloo parathas in peace. If you haven’t completely filled up on potato-y goodness you should definitely try their lachcha parathas. They aren’t always available but hopefully you will get lucky.

What you’re getting: These aloo parathas are simplicity at its best.

Cost: Potato perfection comes at Rs. 130

Where: Fort

This is the place for those days when you just can’t decide what you want for dinner. Paratha Mantra takes the beauty of Italian pizza and homely tradition of the Indian paratha swirls them together and gives you the revolutionary pizza-paratha. This stout, generously stuffed dish is filled with cheese and capsicum with tomato gravy in lieu of pizza sauce. Just in case it all becomes too ‘phoren’ they serve it up with raita and onion pickle to keep you grounded. Follow it up with the chocolate paratha and you have yourself one heck of a meal.

What you’re getting: Indian with a dash of oregano, it’s pizza paratha all the way.

Cost: International taste at a domestic price at Rs. 180

Image Source: Paratha Mantra

Where: Juhu

Any time after 7 and this popular hangout is full to the brim so if you want to sample their one of a kind parathas you better plan in advance. Though it’s served in traditional copperware the Italian paratha is entirely unconventional. This fusion dish is served piping hot with a side of veggies and gloriously cheesy dip so if you’re on the hunt for something exotic this is the place to be.

What you’re getting: Gourmet chefs the world over may cringe but we’ll keep coming back for the Italian paratha.

Cost: For a mere Rs. 130 you can sample this eclectic creation for yourself

Where: Lower Parel

Taking industrial chic to a new level, the high ceilings, terracotta tile and varied seating options make this space feel like a real canteen. A lot of care has been taken to create an authentic ambience, from the décor, to the menus and even the waiters uniforms but the food is what will really have you sold. The paratha rolls are a great as a light but tasty lunch option. Served til 7 p.m these meaty delights are stuffed with either mutton or chicken and served with salad and tangy fiery red chips. It’s rare to find a non-vegetarian option when it comes to stuffed parathas so all you carnivores better make the most of it.

What you’re getting: The parathas rolls will steal your heart.

Cost: The prices vary with the filling. Vegetarians rejoice at Rs. 200 while meat eaters pay the price for their habits at Rs. 275 for chicken and Rs. 300 for Mutton

Research By: Tanya Maheshwari

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