A Brief History Of Indian Army’s Association With Royal Enfield Motors

A Brief History Of Indian Army’s Association With Royal Enfield Motors

Strength, valour and undeterred showmanship have been the steadfast appeal of the Indian army for decades. There are very distinct markers that have helped create a label of identity for this bold aesthetic that the armed forces are associated with. India’s leading motorcycle brand, Royal Enfield, too, recently commemorated its 74-year long association with the Indian Armed Forces this year.

On The Road Since 1952

Beyond its earlier association with the British army, Royal Enfield went on to become the de-facto choice of motorcycle for the Indian army. The vehicle’s efficiency to cover diverse terrains combined with the bike’s endurance to varied climatic conditions made it an instant hit with the armed units that developed a longer association with the brand that has now lasted a little over seven decades.

Over the years, the brand’s image too came to be associated with strength, power and the gallantry that reflected in the efforts of the Indian army. Nearly 40 years after this association kicked off in 1952, it was in the year 1997 that a significant breakthrough was made. Nearly 60 motorists scaled the world’s highest ridable pass, the Khardung La for the first very time, marking the beginning of numerous adventure rides undertaken by the squadrons.

The Tornadoes Showcase

Tornadoes - the Indian armed forces’ motorcycle display and stunt team have only deepened this collaboration with Royal Enfield over the decades. The team performed its very first stunt on a Royal Enfield motorcycle in 1967 and has gone on to develop and perform innumerable complex stunts that have bagged the squad over 32 world records ever since.

To commemorate this journey and to lend a symbol of support and solidarity with the army, the brand recently unveiled the ‘Tornadoes Wall’ in Bengaluru which showcases a large sculpture of the squad mid-action bang in the heart of the city. The event witnessed the launch of the Tornadoes coffee table book that illustrates the achievements of the Tornadoes wing of the Indian army.

Image source: Royal Enfield

This tribute to the Indian army is complemented by an exclusive range of motorcycle gear and merchandise that the brand has recently launched to embody the relentless valour, courage, and power of the armed forces.

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