A Guide To The Best Street Food On Bangalore's Mosque Road This Season

A Guide To The Best Street Food On Bangalore's Mosque Road This Season

As you approach Bengaluru’s famous MM Road during the months of April and May, there is a delectable aroma of samosas, kebabs, and more. Nearly two years after the pandemic, this exuberance has once again returned to the streets of Bengaluru that comes alive, particularly during the month of Ramadan.

Over the years, this particular food fest on Mosque Road has even attracted enthusiasts to conduct guided tours and food walks across this stretch. There is a distinct micro-culture that emerges during this period, one that is influenced by traditional Iftaar cuisine, the local South-Indian food culture and of course, the simplicity and excitement that street food culture in India has. Despite the limited food options for vegetarians, this food haven presents exciting desserts and starters that can be consumed by all.

Here are Homegrown’s top picks for what you should try out if you choose to explore Mosque Road this Ramadan:

I. Pathar Ka Ghosht

This is a traditional lamb-based dish that is made by slow cooking the meat on a slab of heated stone and by adding ingredients and flavours as the meat is being cooked. Originally a popular street food option that was discovered in Hyderabad, this delicacy found its way to the rest of the country for its meaty goodness and flavourful appeal that was hard to miss.

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II. Kheema Samosa/Shawarma

A common tea accompaniment in Islamic culture, this scrumptious and crispy meat offering is a crowd-favourite. The filling primarily involves minced mutton or lamb meat that is paired with a range of spices and onions.

III. Haleem

Yet another popular go-to staple during Iftar is this meaty delight. This thickened meat stew involves goat meat mixed with wheat and lentils along with a significant amount of ghee added in as garnish.

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IV. Dessert

A range of desserts during this period include phirni, gulab jamun, falooda, kunafa and syrup-soaked baklava. Kunafa being a recent entrant in this category has won the hearts of Bengalureans who devour the delicacy abundantly.

Image source: Go Foody

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