A Homegrown Collective Offering Unique & Unconventional Travel Experiences

A Homegrown Collective Offering Unique & Unconventional Travel Experiences

Has the traveller of today become more proactive or lethargic? With emerging trends of travel collectives that offer end-to-end services on your vacations and workations alike, this is a question that we have also been grappling with and would like to extend to you, dear reader. After all, market trends are often a reflection of consumer demands and desires.

The recent years for travel and tourism in India have been disillusioning, to say the least. With the pandemic hampering our much-needed respite from big city life, both travellers and travel experience curators were staring at a void that occurred as the result of what can be best described as a series of unfortunate events.

However, this urged curators to go back to the drawing board and discern what this traveller emerging from prolonged isolation would need and the answer simply was-anything and everything that gets them outdoors. The pressure was on for curators who in this two-year period unlearnt and rebuilt newer vacation formats, taking into account not just the needs of a traveller but also what their visit could mean for locals of these destinations. Through brief experiments attempted in the troughs of the endless waves that the pandemic hurled at the world, a new, wholesome, and conducive travel experience is in the making and it is about to change how we view our vacations.

Homegrown collective MIAGO is curating travel experiences and getaways in what would be considered unconventional vacation spots. From dreamy farm stays in the interiors of Uttarakhand to bespoke vacations in lap of luxury at the heartland of Rajasthan’s royal hospitality, this travel collective is transforming Indian travel, one unconventional spot at a time.

The brand is named after its owner’s two delightful pet dogs who are enthusiastic travellers too. MIAGO’s vision aims to transform and restore pristine locations in the country, far from the chaos of the city life and untouched by a more mainstream travel audience into well-curated holidays that are conscious, memorable, and impactful.

Most their properties are exclusively managed by the team that assembles a customised itinerary upon request on your holiday making it exclusive, novel, and an intimate experience for yourself and your companions. What’s even better is that the team entirely hires a local team at the property, empowering the local communities with employment in the process.

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With travel opening up in the subsequent months, MIAGO is back to accepting bookings and planning holidays for you and your loved ones.

You can learn more about MIAGO’s experiences here.

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