A Homegrown Guide To Offseason Travel In India

A Homegrown Guide To Offseason Travel In India

The monsoons may herald a much anticipated period of rest and recuperation for many. However, for travel enthusiasts, this has become the golden window to explore some of the most offbeat locations in the country. The rains allow us to breathe in some new scenery that is distinct from what the majority of vacation-goers may experience throughout the rest of the year.

May-September each year is considered to be the off-season in the country owing to unpredictable weather and rainfall in different parts of the country. But for those who plan out their travels in savvy manner can unlock unexplored gems in the country that could make for a perfect weekend getaway or even a slightly extended ‘workation’.

Here is Homegrown’s guide to offseason travel destinations in India.

I. The Western Ghats

While the heavy tropical rains often hit this region starting in June, the Western Ghats are also home to some of the most exotic flora and fauna that comes alive during the period. To experience nature and wildlife in all its glory, travel and adventure enthusiasts often plan treks, hikes or just weekend stays at a range of lodges that this region has to offer.

Image source: UNESCO

II. Kerala Backwaters

The city of Kochi and its neighbouring Alleppey bloom into a luscious shade of green to welcome the much anticipated south-west monsoon rains. The city slows down and melds into the natural beauty that envelops its surroundings and this sets the perfect mood to explore the city’s exquisite seafood and its slew of charms including a stroll by the backwaters or an overnight stay on a boat house. With Onam just around the corner, be prepared for cultural immersions that involve festival processions, food festivals etc..

Image source: Trip advisor

III. South Goa

As the party capital goes into a reset mode with the onset of the offseason, its calmer, serene counterpart comes alive with untouched beaches, beautiful forests and mangrove forests. Nature and adventure lovers can explore a wide range of activities during this period from river rafting to bird watching and more.

Image source: Tripsavvy

IV. Rajasthan

Exploring the magnificent remnants of India’s eclectic history gets exciting in Rajasthan during the monsoon. With the rain painting a picturesque scene that can be enjoyed in the months when the state’s soaring temperatures finally come down, Rajasthan’s historic towns might just be the right getaway for those who love to explore local history and culture

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