A Homegrown Guide To Pune's Best Misal Pav Spots

A Homegrown Guide To Pune's Best Misal Pav Spots
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Originating as food for labourers, Misal Pav was created to be a filling and nutritious meal. Today the dish is devoured at any time of the day, be it as breakfast or a mid-day snack. It’s a meal for some and a snack for others but a routine ritual for many.

Bringing in different textures in harmony, it consists of two main elements — misal and pav (bread). The misal is a spicy curry made with sprouts and beans mixed together and topped with farsan, sev alongside chopped onions, lemon and served with pav.

Here is our guide to the best Misal Pav destinations across Pune.

I. Shree Kala Snacks Centre

Where: Rasta Peth, Pune

Formerly cherished as Abachi Misal, Shree Kala Snacks Centre is located in a hidden tiny lane at Rasta Peth, only 5-10 min away from the Pune railway station. Accommodating around 10 to 12 people at a time, this self-service eatery has been dishing out the spiciest mouth-watering Misal Pav in town for generations.

The misal is made up of chiwada, matki, farsan, sev and severed alongside chopped onions, fresh green chillies chutney, pohe, and fresh pav. They serve matki rassa on-demand and a local tip would be to not request extra spicy if you can’t handle the heat. In case the heat gets to you, other local favourites on the menu are taak (buttermilk) and motichur laddoo.

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Image Courtesy: Shree Kala Snacks Centre

II. Kata Kirr

Where: Dhole Patil Road, Pune

Serving misal Kolhapuri style, Kata Kirr is loved by locals crowding it around the year, even on weekends. This outlet can seat 20-25 people on average at a time, but you may have to share a table with strangers. They serve a range of Misal variations depending on desired spice levels and tolerance. We recommend the extra spicy tikhat misal.

A well-known franchise, the outlets are spread across Pune and serve Missal with boiled potato, chopped onions, the best matta (buttermilk) in town and separate tarri (spicy tempered oil), for people whole love their misal extra spicy.

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Image Courtesy: Kata Kirr

III. Kadak Misal

Where: Kothrud, Pune

Kadak Misal is located near Mayur Colony, and is run by an attentive owner. The eatery is crowded with students around the clock and has adapted to the taste buds of its younger crowd. They serve pocket-friendly authentic matki misal and its cheese variants, alongside fresh and fluffy pav with a spicy tarri.

They serve also solkadi, nimbu paani, buttermilk and cold coffee.

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Image Courtesy: Kadak Misal

IV. Damodar P30

Where: Bibvewadi, Pune

Running since 1990, Damodar P30 houses Sadashivpeth’s postcode within its name, which is recognised as the home of the original misal. Popularly recognized as the breakfast place for Punekars, their misal is slightly sweeter, so you can follow the Puneri misal with hot coffee.

Their special missal comes with poha, matki, potatoes, chivda, sev, chopped onions and coriander. They also serve other unique combinations which include serving the misal without pav or rassa and topping it with fresh pomegranate.

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Image Courtesy: Damodar P30

V. Bedekar Tea Stall

Where: Shaniwar Peth, Pune

An experience of one of the oldest misal houses, Bedekar Tea Stall is located in Shaniwar Peth. Their misal is a sweeter variant of this dish known for its spice and is served alongside slices of bread. The misal has a hint of spiciness and sourness to it that pairs well with a squeeze of lemon. It is also served with a generous amount of farsan, matki and potato.

This is not the best fit for a spicy misal lover but great for people who love the dish but don’t have the spice tolerance for its overly spicy variants.

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Image Courtesy: Bedekar Tea Stall

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