A New Drinking Experience: 6 Homegrown Hard Seltzer Brands

A New Drinking Experience: 6 Homegrown Hard Seltzer Brands
(L) SPeak Easy Hard Seltzer ; IST Hard Seltzer (R)

The sight of India moving toward a drinking culture beyond whiskey and rum is refreshing to see. With the supremely popular gin revolution in its (somewhat) second peak at the moment and homegrown beer reaching newer heights each day, India truly is moving into a new-age drinking experience.

The new kid on the block in the Indian alcohol scene is none other than hard seltzer. Definitely new and maybe even unknown to some, seltzers are essentially simply carbonated water –– flat, plain water fizzed with carbon dioxide, which is what makes you come back for more sips. Add in a desired type of alcohol, and it results in a hard seltzer.

There are a few homegrown brands at the helm of this up-and-coming range of alcoholic beverages, and of course, we had to introduce you to them. Each different in their composition and flavour profiles, these homegrown hard seltzer brands are a welcome sight.

I. Barneys Hard Seltzer

Ruchi Gupta and Gaurav Sharma’s brainchild Barneys is a zero sugar and low-calorie hard seltzer. It aims to capture the market as a youth and lifestyle brand. One of the first brands in the game, Barneys is available in Goa and Pondicherry.

Available flavours include Green Apple & Jasmine, Apple & Rose, Strawberry & Blueberry, Mojito & Rosemary, Strawberry, Peach & Orange, and Lemongrass, Grapefruit & Apple.

Find Barneys Hard Seltzer here.

II. Bro Seltzer

It is almost as if the name of this brand, Bro, seems to capture the energy of the Indian youth almost perfectly. With simple yet representative branding and messaging, Bro Seltzer comes across as a drink for the young drinker. Bro is available in Berry & Lime and contains no sugar, 5 percent ABV, and just 91 calories per portion!

Bro Seltzer is available in Delhi and Goa.

Find Bro Seltzer here.

Image Courtesy: Bro Seltzer

III. IST Hard Seltzer

Indian Standard Time (IST) Hard Seltzer follows the susegad lifestyle of Goa and its people and aims to celebrate the laidback casualness and unpredictability of Indians. IST is ‘alcohol that doesn’t taste like ethanol’ and is five percent ABV with 99 calories.

It comes in two flavours –– Lemon and Grapefruit.

IST is available in Goa.

Find IST Hard Seltzer here.

IV. Pursue Hard Seltzer

Pursue aims to effectively influence a new generation. One look at their seltzer makes you feel like picking it up straight away. A visibly excited and purposeful brand, Pursue takes a contemporary yet enthusiastic approach to its presence. They are also an eco-conscious brand with no water wastage and use of recycled material for their bottles and packaging material. Over half of their workforce is made up of women.

Their flavour range includes Peach & White Tea, Strawberry & Rose, Mango & Chilli, and Mosambi & Mint.

Pursue is available in Bangalore, Pondicherry, and Goa.

Find Pursue Hard Seltzer here.

Image Courtesy: Pursue Hard Seltzer

V. Speak Easy Hard Seltzer

Everything about Speak Easy takes us to a time and place with the sun, good food, and a dire need for a good drink. As they say themselves, they are ‘mindfully crafted, not spiked!’. Speak Easy is available in Mandarin, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Passionfruit, White Peach, and Pink Guava.

Speak Easy is available in Mumbai.

Find Speak Easy Hard Seltzer here.

VI. Wild Drum Hard Seltzer

Possibly the only hard seltzer that comes in two variants of ABV (four percent and eight percent), Wild Drum is a youth-oriented brand that attempts to make the drinking experience, whether at home or at an event, as exciting as possible. They have established a clear voice for themselves and it has everything to do with fun, friends, and partying.

The flavours include Peach, Mango, Lemon-Mint, and Pure.

They are available in Mumbai, Thane, and Pune.

Find Wild Drum here.

Image Courtesy: Wild Drum Hard Seltzer

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