A Safe Staycation At The Minimalist By Poshtel Is The Answer To Our Pandemic Blues

A Safe Staycation At The Minimalist By Poshtel Is The Answer To Our Pandemic Blues

However much the prolonged comfort of our homes seemed appealing a few months ago, things are different now. After months of staying locked in with the same people, it almost feels as if we have had our fair share of family time, constant company, and sharing of space. At this point, what could be better than to have a safe place to enjoy a mid-year vacation? And no, we are not asking you to travel at all, because, what if you could enjoy your lavish getaway— your vacation, more like a, ‘staycation’— in your own city?

Located at the confluence of history and modern vibrance in Hauz Khas Village in New Delhi is Minimalist (Poshtel and Suites). If you’re looking to declutter, unthink and unwind, then this is the place to be. As the name suggests, it is minimal in its design but it manages to maintain its appeal through its subtle environment. Far from overbearing or in-your-face, the hotel is a combination of the concepts of two geographically far regions that share a similar train of thought regarding design — Scandinavian countries and Japan.

Both these regions focus on simplicity and choose to highlight clean lines and form. None of their architectural or interior designs contains statement pieces or anything that could possibly take away from the natural essence of the space. The lack of clutter is a trademark sign of these two styles and Minimalist follows it to a T. The focus on functionality and ease of access is visible throughout their property, and quite frankly, it’s a winner. The abundance of natural light is perfectly complemented by surfaces that allow it to shine without hindrances.

Minimalist is a combination of a Japanese-style Capsule hotel, a boutique hotel and serviced studio apartments- an unexpected mix, for sure but we’re not complaining!

The Japanese capsules are compact yet cosy and are equipped to cater to all your needs. A pull out bed-desk, storage for your luggage and spots to be able to hang items. Each capsule is completely blocked from the next one and gives you all the privacy you need.

If the compact living spaces aren’t your speed, Minimalist also offers you single rooms, twin-sharing rooms, quadruple-sharing rooms and suites too. All the luxury one desires, combined with the clean and sophisticated feel of these rooms is bound to fulfil your getaway needs. Their Wabi-Sabi penthouse is named so in Japanese, as it means ‘the discovery of beauty within the imperfections of life and art’.

As marvellous as the inside of Minimalist is, it is also surrounded by the serenity of nature. Its neighbour is Firoz Shah’s tomb that lends it its evergreen beauty. It is situated next to the Deer Park since a little greenery is only ever good for the soul, isn’t it?

The lockdown and the state of being that came with it has been overwhelming and to want to escape from it is only natural. Luckily, Minimalist offers all that you need to counter the lockdown blues.

You can check the Minimalist by Poshtel out here!

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