A Sea Of Pink In Mumbai: Here’s Where You Can Spot Flamingos

A Sea Of Pink In Mumbai: Here’s Where You Can Spot Flamingos
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Flamingos are not usually birds that Indians consider commonplace – rather, they may be a creature we only ever saw in our books as children. Pink in colour with a peculiar posture, these birds are more exotic to us than they are native.

Every year, however, there is an influx of flamingos in the Mumbai-Navi Mumbai area, and the sight is one to behold. Locals, as well as tourists, are treated to their presence but only a few spots make it possible for one to marvel at their beauty. While they arrive around November and depart in June, the best period to see them is between January and March, as most of the flamingos are present then.

With the ‘flamingo season’ approaching, we’re here to let you in on a few spots you can visit to witness flamingos in their habitat.

I. Sewri Mudflats

Sewri remains one of the most popular spots to witness the flamingos during winter. It also holds flamingo-spotting tours by the jetty. However, due to the construction of the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, the jetty area may be inaccessible so locals have suggested visiting the Sewri Fort to spot the birds.

II. TS Chanakya Birding Point

This is termed as one of the best spots to view the birds, according to bird-sighting experts in Mumbai with other migratory birds also present here.

III. Talawe Wetlands

With high-rises and mangroves on either side, this region is a popular site for flamingos to habituate. Many people from the Seawoods complex are audience to this sea of pink. Sometimes, a part of the water also turns a deep shade of pink, giving people something new to look at.

IV. Thane Creek

One of the most popular locations to view flamingos, the Thane Creek is accessible for flamingo tours from the Bhandup pumping station as well as Airoli on the other side.

V. Mahul Creek (Near Chembur)

Located in Mahul village, the Mahul Creek houses mangroves and many fisherpeople and their boats. You may ask the locals to guide you to the exact spot to witness flamingos.

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