Experience A Slice Of Himalayan Life At This 113-Year-Old Heritage Resort In Ladakh

Experience A Slice Of Himalayan Life At This 113-Year-Old Heritage Resort In Ladakh

Ladakh’s enigmatic blue skies, snow-capped mountains, and vast stretches of unoccupied landscapes exude a certain charm that has always attracted travellers from across the world. Whether its volunteering at local non-profit organisations, staying at farmsteads and interacting with the Ladakhi mothers that run them, or simply mixing the rush of adventure with slow and responsible travel, Ladakh offers it all. Even if it’s only for a few months of the year. However for many people, travelling is a more relaxed affair - one ripe with a thirst for solitude and peace, and an understandable desire to wander away from the misplaced chaos of the cities, even if it’s only for a little while.

Nestled at an altitude of 3,100 metres, Nimmu House in Ladakh is the ultimate luxury experience that retains its traditional Ladakhi roots. An eco-resort that’s only a 45-minute scenic drive away from the capital city of Leh, Nimmu House was built over a century ago by the King of Ladakh. Today, after having undergone preservation and necessary renovation, Nimmu House stands tall as one of Ladakh’s very few heritage eco-resorts that offers not just a regular luxury stay but also a unique ‘glamping’ experience. Visitors can choose to stay in either a Heritage Room or one of Nimmu’s exclusive Deluxe Tents - both of which have been decorated with respect for traditional Ladakhi traditions and culture, without compromising on modern comforts.

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At the heart of a full-fledged stay at Nimmu House is the importance of food that is cooked in-house using ingredients that are fresh, healthy, and sourced locally. Begin your day with a delicious breakfast spread consisting of fruits picked from the orchard, Ladakhi bread served with homemade jam and butter, and a choice of eggs or pancakes, and the beautiful panoramic Himalayas to give you company. Then move on to an even more appetising three-course lunch and dinner, before heading out to absorb the cultural diversity, history, and traditions of Ladakh.

Even though cold temperatures automatically imply cuddling up in a blanket and endlessly sipping on tea, there are still some who chase the adrenaline rush and for them, Nimmu has its own adventurous experiences carefully chalked out to ensure that travellers make the most of their time. From rafting down the rivers through impressive and colourful canyons to trekking Himalayan paths and taking in Ladakh’s beautiful scenery to feeling the fresh breeze on your face as you mountain bike across the area - Ladakh is indeed a treasure trove of things you might not have done earlier but can certainly try now. Including a lovely freshly-cooked meal by the waters of Zanskar, surrounded by picture perfect nature all around and the melodious sound of the river.

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Owing to Nimmu’s location, one can easily venture out into the unknown all by themselves and discover Ladakh’s cultural jews. From tiny hamlets bursting with warmth to monasteries and more, there’s just so much to see. Nimmu even has half-day and full-day tours with local guides for the same. For those who prefer staying in, like yours truly, Nimmu’s in-house Yoga sessions and a cooking ateletier where you can learn to prepare delicious Himalayan delicacies, like momos and apricot pies, from scratch are truly a blessing.

Moreover, apart from catering to outsiders, Nimmu’s House is also a sustainable project that contributes immensely to the local community. From preserving architecture and Ladakh’s vibrant culture to boosting the local economy and empowering the villagers of Nimmu, Nimmu’s House is the perfect Himalayan escape we’re all looking for.

Address: Nimmu House Ladakh, c / Nangso House Nimmu, 194101 Leh, Jammu and Kashmir, India.

For more information, you can visit their website.

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