A Zero-Waste Indian Clothing Brand Is Putting An End To Fast Fashion

A Zero-Waste Indian Clothing Brand Is Putting An End To Fast Fashion

In a world driven by fast fashion, it’s easy to restock your closet with one click. While flaunting new these trends doesn’t break the bank, you’re likely not to bat an eye at the greater consequences of this spree. While most people are finding solace in fast fashion some people have taken the greener route by opting for a sustainable shift in their wardrobe and moving towards mindful living. It is said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” To put this theory into practice, Udairaj Arora’s label Urth is on the way to paving the great big change that we keep hoping for.

At the brand’s inception, Udai tells us that even though he jumped into a learning opportunity at a marketing company just after his graduation, his constant inclination towards fashion drove him to take the venture seriously and he began developing a brand. With a fervor for fashion and the idea to build a close community – Urth came into being and with it Udai had the opportunity to follow through with his passion in a unique combination of Fashion, Environmentalism, and Art.

With the ultimate goal to reverse the exorbitant environmental costs of fast fashion to the community, Urth swears by sustainability. Their philosophy goes beyond just using sustainable fabrics however and they follow a zero waste culture at work as they recycle and upcycle through tie-ups with various NGOs. According to their designer Caroline, they draw inspiration from nature, with good designs and comfortable choice of fabric, their pieces are a canvas for self-expression. Paving a brighter future for co-ordinates, Caroline claims Ella to be her favorite piece from the collection. ‘Our target is to make good collections that have something in store for everyone’ she adds.

As a testament to their commitment to paying back to the community, the brand is planning a unique collaboration with schools, through interactive arts and crafts session using the waste from the brand, Urth aims to promote waste management and eco-consciousness at a grassroots level. With their saved revenues, Urth also holds plantation drives and nurtures the survival of these saplings for the first three years.

While we look forward to their journey, Urth will be launching their own proprietary sales programme that will give Urthlings (as they like to call their customers) a chance to grow financially too. A unique combination of sustainability and eco-consciousness, Urth’s revamped garments are a fresh and strong wave of change for your wardrobe as well as the environment.

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