Add To Your Fashion Closet Through This New Thrift Venture By Doodlage

Add To Your Fashion Closet Through This New Thrift Venture By Doodlage

The thrift trend took the Indian internet sphere by storm in 2020 –– the idea of sustainable fashion took to a larger platform and turned many opinions on extending the lives of clothes. Not to forget that some of these thrifted, vintage or second-hand finds are absolute unique gems –– ones that you can proudly show off.

Doodlage is jumping on the bandwagon and introducing a thrift section on their website, Shop My Closet. Not too different to how thrifting usually works, Doodlage’s new venture will allow ‘multiple sustainable fashion labels and influencers to dilute their one-off products and dead stock’

Once Doodlage receives the details and the clothing item itself, they will create content around it and assign it a retail price. 50 per cent of the sales from the clothes are allotted to the initial owner, which may also be used to donate to a COVID-19 relief fund!

Any left over material or clothes will be taken care of by them, too, by way of charity, recycling or their offline swaps.

Such initiatives not only help broaden the potential of sustainable fashion, they also encourage people to trust second-hand clothing and truly embrace it as a method to satiate their fashion fix. With the green fashion movement picking up pace day by day, the thrift venture by Doodlage is yet another way of minimising waste and simultaneously, purchasing some rare finds!

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