An Emerging Wave Of Filmmakers Redefining Indian Music Videos

An Emerging Wave Of Filmmakers Redefining Indian Music Videos

The independent music scene in India is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. From mainstream spaces and stages making room for emerging artists or even the growing number of progressive preferences and expectations from the industry by a younger audience, there is a striking and imminent transformation in the works. But the fruit of this harvest benefits a larger spectrum of the industry that is still under development. A wave of young creatives panning across filmmaking, set design, visual art, fashion and more are now gaining the much-deserved limelight for being the forebearers of change in this movement.

There is a unique intersection of filmmaking and music that the artists in the space have been experimenting with lately. Some of the best tracks to have emerged from the scene in the past year have had equally enthralling music videos backing them and making this happen is a growing cult of independent music video filmmakers that are transforming the landscape of not just music, but also the future of filmmaking in India itself.

We take a look at three Homegrown music video directors who are subverting genres and are creating distinct, unmissable art.

A popular name in the indie-music circuit, Kumar derived his very indicative pseudonym from Hip-hop icon Kendrick Lamar whose music inspired him to foray into a space that he is now on the brink of mastering. Kumar’s latest directorial stints, particularly Josh Fernandez’s recent single, Punch Me In My Third Eye, shot him to fame as an emerging music video director to look out for. Kumar’s distinct eye for creating music videos evokes not just the inner processes and journey of the artist but also brings out the essence of each track through bizarre and non-conformist narratives that are refreshing.

The highlight of Kumar’s artistic personality is in the anonymity that he chooses to maintain. Without revealing his face or his real name in public, Kumar has managed to create an intimate space for his art and himself, where his experiments are not swayed by public scrutiny.

Official music video for Bless Ya Heels by TribeMama Marykali, directed by Lendrick Kumar

Mumbai-based Bijoy Shetty has distinct understanding of nuance, culture, and charm that effortlessly translates to his videos. Super-sleek transitions paired with a perspective that captures very unexpected aspects of each track’s narrative make up Shetty’s disruptive artistic process. Bijoy’s work, which was once purely experimental, is now starting to take shape as the artist’s very own self-taught, avant-garde signature. His most notable works so far can be seen in Hanumankind’s latest tracks, Skyline and Damn Son.

Bijoy’s filmmaking prowess has recently ventured into the realms of fashion and culture, where his collaborations offer a deeper insight into his artistic range as a filmmaker.

Official music video for Damn Son by Hanumankind, directed by Bijoy Shetty

Filmmaker Karan R Kapoor recently made headlines for his stellar work with Sanjeeta Bhattacharya & Aman Sagar’s track, Khoya Sa. The dream-like sequence brings to life the underlying romance and epiphanies that both the characters in the video experience. Karan’s surreal directorial style also extends to his work with cinema where he recently collaborated on prime video’s Gehraiyaan.

Official music video for Khoya Sa by Sanjeeta Bhattacharya

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