Ankur Tewari’s Latest Release Recreates The Distinct Joy Of Falling In Love

Ankur Tewari’s Latest Release Recreates The Distinct Joy Of Falling In Love

If there is one human experience that age cannot dampen, it is the sheer rush of falling in love. One cannot forget the rush of adrenaline, the inexplicable butterflies in your stomach and the undying adulation you feel for that special someone.

This feeling is innate if not actively explored by every human being in some form and with his latest track, troubadour Ankur Tewari makes a literal heart-warming comeback.

‘Shehzaada Shehzaadi’ which went live on all music platforms on November 19 is a subtle and comforting track that celebrates the fantasies that we build out of love.

The track was released under the AI-powered label, Snafu records and was also accompanied by an endearing animated video.

Refreshingly minimalist, yet carrying that old-fashioned essence of a love song, Shehzaada Shehzaadi plays out like a déjà vu moment about falling in love and unexpected first dates. The animated music video, which is set against the cityscape of Mumbai, presents the story of two first time lovers exploring and unravelling the emotions they feel for each other.

The visual cues that the music video presents are not the most novel representation of love. Yet, it is in those very small yet soul-stirring moments accompanied by the music, that the viewer is able to reminisce the fantasies that a person tends to create when they are in love.

Ankur is among the handful of Indian artists who have released records so far on Snafu, which has already signed 45 artists, including multiple Grammy winner Hit-Boy and Grammy nominees NEVADA and Kosine.

The Official music video for Shehzaada Shehzaadi by Ankur Tewari

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