Apply Now - A Meditation Retreat In The Wilderness Of The Satpura Forest

Apply Now - A Meditation Retreat In The Wilderness Of The Satpura Forest

A subsequent amount of time away from the rashness of the city lights, shall do you and your spiritual aura a surmount dose of gratification. A retreat is solely meant for you: time for you to get to know your true self, to restore and reset, to heal your inner conflicts. Daily yoga and meditation gives you the chance to break the unhealthy habits, the anxieties and vices that we struggle with in our day-to-day. Through the retreat, you’ll learn how to build these practices into your life so when you return, all refreshed and renewed, this feeling will actually last. Be inspired by nature each day, through nature walks, jeep safaris, or maybe just sit by the pool and enjoy the stillness, and the quiet. The choice is yours; everything is included for you on this Spiritual Safari. Hosted by The Cocoon Academy; dedicated to teaching yoga and meditation worldwide; their repertoire boasts a thoroughly experienced crew in this chosen discipline. Rest assured that you’re in the hands of reputed excellence; Benaisha D, the co-founder of Cocoon academy and your restorative yoga guru. Rishad M, co-founder of Cocoon academy and a multi-faceted spiritual master. Alongside Marina K, a dynamic yoga instructor. Such exhilarating experiences, of course do come with an acquired cost and last for a bounded amount of time dated from the 17th - 21st October and the bookings extend to a limited number of 18-20 participants, here’s hoping that you don’t miss out!

The core practise is to focus on self love and meditation, taking in and making the most of the atmosphere all around you. Allow yourself to sink into the intoxicating bliss of meditation. Melt into the coziness and the warmth of your flannel at camp fires, enjoy the natural aura of nature on picturesque jeep safaris, inhale the earthen scent, and seek pleasure from the simple pleasures of life. A typical day at this retreat includes - practising and attaining solace in the morning through daily yoga session, followed by controlling your obsessive thoughts through meditation. After which you shall gorge on a breakfast spread (after all that meditation it’s only fair to call for some savoury treats, no?) Explore your intrapersonal communication in self exploration and broaden your horizons. The Jeep Safari makes room for a NatGeo experience, surely does morph close enough to it. The evenings call for wholesome cooked food prepared on site with fresh produce and love from the Forsyth chef team.

All that being said, be sure to release stress through calming deep breaths. Don’t underestimate nature’s therapy and it’s cathartic healing. Make amends with your inner child. Head over to the Spiritual Safari at Forsyth Lodge.

Date: October 17 to 21, 2019

Retreat Size: 18 - 20 participants in total.

Where: Bhopal

For further details and bookings be sure to check their site right here.

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