Apply Now: ‘Sustainability Accelerator’ By Manush Labs Is An Intensive Program To Boost Your Venture

Apply Now: ‘Sustainability Accelerator’ By Manush Labs Is An Intensive Program To Boost Your Venture
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The youth of India holds much-untapped potential, that when given the opportunity, can perform wonders. With smart creativity and innovation, Indian startups and Small/Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are capable of bringing about change across social, economic and technological spheres.

Piyush Verma’s Manush Labs, an MIT-Harvard born startup that focuses on innovation in India and aims to empower the country’s underserved entrepreneurs has launched ‘Sustainability Accelerator’ - a 10-week intensive hands-on and collaborative program for early-stage social startups and SMEs. The program aims to provide participants with technical and business guidance, investor networks, market access, tools, partnerships, and due diligence information needed to scale their venture ideas.

This is a chance for startups and SMEs in the food and agriculture sector to be present in a platform that gives them a chance to make full use of their innovations to help overcome challenges of the industry, which in turn, affects a much larger number of people positively. Post the program’s completion, selected teams will be given a chance to work with Manush Labs’s supporting organisations to launch or scale their ideas.

The applicants must be early-stage Indian startups and SMEs from the food and agriculture sector. The deadline for the applications is 10 November 2020 (11:59 pm IST).

Apply here!

Manush Labs is also on the lookout for mentors, volunteers, and program sponsors.

The organisation will also conduct a demo at the end of the program in February, for which they are looking for investment partners, social impact funds, venture firms who would be interested in funding the teams from their cohort. Interested people can reach them at

Among many other facets, sustainability is one we collectively need to not only pay attention to, but also act upon. Programs such as the Sustainability Accelerator are chances for forward-thinkers to do just that!

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