Arivu’s New Band 'Ambassa' Explores The Rich Heritage & Lore Of Tamil Culture

Arivu’s New Band 'Ambassa' Explores The Rich Heritage & Lore Of Tamil Culture

Music has repeatedly been a catalyst of change in history. Whether it be songs of protest or poetry that have emerged via resistance movements, music has time and again transcended norms, rules and beyond in the past. If there is anyone in the contemporary music scene who has a grasp over how to use the power of music to move the public, Arivu’s name would be at the very top. The Chennai-based rapper and songwriter who goes by the moniker Therukural has produced a body of work that has been selflessly devoted to speaking out against the systematic oppression and the caste disparities that plague our country.

Arivu is a man who leads by action. His efforts to amplify his strong anti-caste sentiments have created a stir in the global community. As a founding member of Casteless Collective and the brain behind the 2021 breakout track, Enjoy Enjaami, every aspect of Arivu’s work has a story that needs to be heard.

In his latest involvements with the ongoing economic and humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka, Arivu has embarked on a journey that has unity, power and resilience at the core of it. Post his stint fuelling the anti-caste movement through Casteless Collective, Arivu has gone on to create over 70 tracks that have blown up in the Tamil film industry.

In his next endeavour, Arivu has released his latest track, Ceylonkaar which is an ode to the unbroken grit and resilience of the protestors on-ground in Sri Lanka. The track also marked the promising debut of his new band, Ambassa, which he made an announcement about on his social media.

Ambassa is a colloquial term in Tamil for 50 paise. Arivu and the crew intend to produce music that endorses brotherhood, power and the strength that lies in unity. Arivu harnesses the power of his culturally rich heritage and his familial roots that traces itself back to the tea estates of Sri Lanka. From the folklore, anecdotes and challenges that his ancestors were privy to, Arivu along with the rest of his band are working on music that depicts the very essence of these stories.

Follow the latest developments on Arivu and Ambassa’s work here.

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