Arjun Vagale’s Experimental Project ‘Asymetrik’ Is Back With An Evocative Third Instalment

Arjun Vagale’s Experimental Project ‘Asymetrik’ Is Back With An Evocative Third Instalment

For those familiar with India’s underground music movement, Arjun Vagale is a known name. A coveted DJ, he is believed to be the pioneer of techno in India. He has toured around the globe and played for the likes of Fat Boy Slim, Dubfire, Apparat, Adam Bayer, Sasha and Josh Wink among others. His sound as a DJ is known to be zealous, atmospheric, and intense. Asymetrik is Arjun Vagele’s side project– Asymetrik attributes Vagale artistic freedom and gives him the freedom to be experimental in his approach. While his hypnotic and atmospheric sound continues to exist, he dabbles in different sub-genres of electronic and techno.

After releasing two projects under Asymetrik– Asymetrik 001 and Asymetrik 002, the third instalment project under Asymetrik allows Vagela to express his creativity, cementing the labels open-minded aesthetic. His latest project as Asymetrik is a multi-collaborative effort between Asymetrik, EAS (Clergy) and Arjun Vagela. Vagela performing both under his original sound that is more raw and true to his house and techno sensibilities as well as Asymetrik which is more experimental, subversive, dark and cinematic in nature.

Released on vinyl on 23 October 2020, the project’s sound is intense, evocative and hard-hitting taking inspiration from EBM, Industrial, and broken beat. The four-track EP features songs Hungry Like The Wolf by Arjun Vagela, Erratic by Asymetrik, Wollstonecraft by Arjun Vagela and EAS, and Before Dawn by Asymetrik with an EAS remix.

For the release of Asymetrik 003, Vagela has also collaborated with Delhi-based merchandise brand Acid Moon to create merch centred around the theme of chaos.

Asymetrik 003 is releasing digitally on 6 November 2020.

You can hear more by Asymetrik, here.

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