Arms House: An Interview With SGT Pokes Leading Upto VH1 Supersonic 2014

Arms House: An Interview With SGT Pokes Leading Upto VH1 Supersonic 2014

“MCs are important, they can convey the DJ’s vibe to the crowd, and the crowds vibe to the DJ. Good DJ/MC partnerships (Bukem & Conrad ,Andy C & MC GQ, Brockie & Dett) that have that real chemistry is unbeatable. That’s why DJ Hatcha & Crazy D work so well- they know each others style inside out so its pure vibe,” he told Warface.
With the single largest bass line-up India’s ever seen all set to go down at the end of this month at Arms House’s stage at Vh1 Supersonic, Homegrown had the privilege of speaking with him ahead of the three-day rave with a motley of questions in the spirit of a countdown till the massive gig.  Here’s dubstep legend Mala testifying to his powers:

Founder of the Croydub parties and mic man for DMZ, Mala, Loefah Coki, Skream, Paleman, Magnetic Man and Swamp81 to name just a few, Sarge Pokes has strived to change the perception of what it is to be an Electronic MC - instead claiming the more literal role of ‘host’. With an uncanny understanding of the music, and recognition of his DJ’s style, Pokes has honed the art of interacting with audiences without once having their focus shift from the music, making him a mainstay of dubstep and electronic for more than a decade.
”I don’t have a process, I just kinda go with it,” he says. “Any time I try and create a certain thing, I end up mutating it  again and again, or just having nothing- if I just accept that I am going to create something, something will come. [I find inspiration] from the music and the crowd. And sometimes from the gin.”
At Arms House, he joins the ranks of Goldie, Alix Perez, Calyx & Teebee, Icicle, Bobby Tank, DJ Die, Benny Page, Skitz, Stanton Warriors, Jus’ Now, The Upbeats, Trolley Snatcha, Chimpo, Jenna G, Nerm & D-Code, Orifice Vulgatron and Engine-Earz to bring us the freshest sounds to Goan shores at the end of the month. We caught up with the man himself, who answered a few quick questions for us and even shared his top 5 tunes off his personal playlist.
A. Since you grew up a dedicated junglist, how do you feel like the scene has evolved?
I listened to jungle from the early 90’s and the fact that its legacy lives on says it all- its evolved, revolved and evolved again.  It continues to flower in new territories all over the world and inspire people to this day.  As part of DMZ, I can say that we were all heavily inspired and I guess influenced by what we were listening to as schoolboys. DJs like Ron, Randall, S.S, Grooverider, J.J Frost and Darren Jay highlighted a vast spectrum of different elements of Jungle from Jump Up to Darkside that, for me, definitely captured a time and feeling that I’ve never experienced since.
B. What are your four favourite things to do that aren’t related to music?
I like to paint tiny things,  cooking good food for good people and drinking bloody mary’s with the missus.
C. Your three pet peeves when it comes to audiences.

  • People who constantly try and chat to the DJ, or me, during a set - making requests for songs and getting pissed off when the DJ won’t play them.
  • Guys who want to MC and start auditioning live on the spot by kicking some inaudible verse in my ear whilst I’m trying to do my thing.
  • Gazers - people who just stand there right at the front bored, not enjoying the music. But you know,  live and let live and all that.

D. The one thing you have learnt about yourself, exploring various genres over the years.
I can drink more than Skream

As a part of his playlist, we’ve got:

I. Mala - Return II Space

II. Skream- Dubbers Anonymous 2

III. Little Dragon- No Love


V. Labi Siffre- I Dont Know What’s Happened To The Kids Today

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