Arms House: Bobby Tank's Mix for Homegrown

Arms House: Bobby Tank's Mix for Homegrown
With the single largest bass line-up India’s ever seen all set to go down at the end of this month at Arms House stage at Vh1 Supersonic, Homegrown caught up with the bass fiend ahead of the three-day rave with a motley of questions in the spirit of a countdown to the massive gig.  We were rewarded with insightful answers that made us laugh, as well as an exclusive mix that captures within it the glorious, maddening drama that his tunes personify. 
A. Please describe for us what the 'post-dubstep movement' means to you.
A question that has many answers, though it doesn't really hold a substantial conclusion, in my honest opinion. Since the global growth of dubstep itself has given many producers the opportunity to express themselves rebelliously, striving towards creating a prominent and unorthodox approach to what is now, a commercial phenomenon. I remember listening to Joy Orbison, Slugabed, Donky Pitch Radio and James Blake back in 2010/2011 and having my mind blown by not only how amazing it sounded, but also by the reception they were receiving - that's when I sort of knew the rules don't apply here, and the birth of something amazing was upon us. (laughs) Since then the plethora of sub-genres that are expanding off of each other, almost on a daily basis, has pretty much given the proverbial middle finger to the commercial/Top 40 processed garbage that are forced into millions of ears daily. Don't get me wrong, though, we are sometimes blessed with an underground artist making it to the Top 40 without altering his or her sound too much, but the majority of the audience tends to stick with what is safe. Post-dubstep still has a long way to go until it is fully accepted into the mainstream, but I'm super glad its relevant and that it's leaving a mark. The only way to keep it alive is if artists and producers stay true to their art, and continue making amazing music, REAL music! If we follow that simple strategy then the world will start to listen and welcome us with open arms. 
B. Tell us about 4 of the artists who have influenced you heavily.
Ahh man, just too many. But off the top of my head - Prince, Machinedrum, Flylo, Hudmo.
C. 3 tracks Bobby Tank would have loved to have produced.
Michael Jackson - Speed Demon
Jimmy Edgar - Switch Switch
Rustie - (Unknown, heard it back in 2010 on a Mary Anne Hobbs show, and he still hasn't released it!)
D. 2 of the funniest rumours that you've heard about yourself.
E. An insightful interaction with a fan.
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Come party with Arms House at Vh1 Supersonic

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