Around India Through 17 Of Its Most Delicious Mutton Dishes

Around India Through 17 Of Its Most Delicious Mutton Dishes
[If mutton isn’t part of your diet plan, we feel for you, we do. But maybe you’d be better off checking out India’s best pork dishes. Seafood wouldn’t hurt either. Steaks? Ok, we'll stop.]

I. Kosha Mangsho

Cuisine: Bengali


Great Place To Get It At: Kosha Mangsho at Golbari Golbari Shyam Bazar, Kolkata, @ Rs 200, or Oh! Calcutta, Elgin, Kolkata @ Rs 520.

Feeling adventurous in the kitchen? Go ahead and make it yourself

II. Gongura Mutton

Cuisine: Andhra


Great Place To Get It At: Might be time to make some new friends, this one's definitely its most authentic when made at home.

III. Andhra Mutton Curry

Cuisine: Andhra

A rich blend of onion, juicy tomatoes and freshly-chopped coriander make for the primary base of this dish. Added to this is buttery shredded coconut and the slightest sprinkle of tamarind to boost the flavour. The aroma of this delicious yet ridiculously simple dish, when served alongside hot steamed rice, is a meal to aspire to every day.

Great Place To Get It At: If you want a personal touch, try it at Rayalaseema Ruchulu in Hyderabad @ Rs.339, Kamat Restaurant in Vishakhapattinam @ Rs.210 or at Andhra Mess in Manipal.


Making it at home? Good on you. Try this recipe out for size, but your eyes are definitely going to burn. Don't say we didn't warn you!

IV. Laal Maas

Cuisine: Rajasthani


Great Place To Get It At: Just in case you are a little too busy for a trip to Rajasthan, you can head to Out of the Blue, Khar, Mumbai.

V. Jungly Maas

Cuisine: Rajasthani


Great Place To Get It At: Out of the Blue in Mumbai again for this scrumptious treat.

Home chef? Just keep it simple and try your hand at this one - and don't forget to let us know how it turns out!

VI. Gushtaba

Cuisine: Kashmiri


Great Place To Get It At: Whip up your own Wazwan wherever you are - here, these recipes might help you out.

VII. Vindaloo

Cuisine: Goan


Great Place To Get It AtA perfect replica of this Goan dish is available at new Martin Hotel and Military Cafe in Mumbai.

Making it at home? Go ahead and bring the coastal flavours home in your own kitchen. 

VIII. Appam Mutton Stew

Cuisine: Kerala

Great Place To Get It: We've heard a few good things about Appam Corner in Bangalore.

Making it at home? But of course, nothing beats homemade appam and mutton curry. 

 IX. Railway Mutton Curry

Cuisine: Indian Railway Kitchens (And according to most, Bengali in origin)

Gone are the days when railways food were an affair to remember right from bedmi-aloo puri to the delectable railway mutton curry that we now refer to on this list. Once said to have belonged only on trays in the first-class compartments of trains, this curry's broken all class barriers and is served everywhere from the trains itself to station dhabas across the country, eagerly mopped up with the easiest carbs available by hungry travellers. But where did this mutton that's always on the move come from?


Great Place To Get It: Just about any station dhaba. 

Making it at home? Give it a shot with this recipe. 

X. Chettinad Mutton Curry

Cuisine: Tamil Nadu


Great Place To Get It At: This shouldn't be much of an effort as it is available at Dakshin Coast in Mumbai.

Making it at home? You know it's home chefs who take the cake time and again. Give it a shot yourself. 

XI. Elumbu Kalambu

Cuisine: Kerala


Great Place To Get It At: ...Since this one's a particularly special dish, we suggest you keep it a homemade affair

XII. Mutton Varutharachathu

Cuisine: Kerala


Great place to get it at: Nagarjuna in Bangalore knows how to nail these flavours. 

Making it at home? We're suckers for homemade food - and with good reason - so here's how you can make this happen.

XIII. Mutton Ghee Roast

Cuisine: Karnataka


Great Place To Get It At: You should definitely check out Royal Andhra Spice or Nagarjuna in Bangalore for a bite of this.

If not, make it at home. We did say home-style for a reason! 

XIV. Mutton Sukka Varuval

Cuisine: Tamil Nadu (Madurai)

Something of a staple at evening stalls around Madurai's streets, it's served up more of an evening snack but thanks to its incredible flavours, people tend to eat enough of it to avoid dinner altogether. Whether or not they're scraping off the best bits with rotis and parathas. Marinated in some of the usual suspects (think ginger garlic paste, red chilli powder, black peppercorns and more) and then fried off till dry, flaky and delicious the skin has the most appetizing dark brown glaze while the extra burned bits of masala with flesh could keep us salivating for days even as we simply talk about it.


Great Place To Get It At: If you can afford a quick flight then Madhuvan Serai in Manipal is a great option but Mahesh Lunch Home in Mumbai does a fine job as well.

Making it at home? We salute you. Try this authentic madurai recipe out for a serious challenge. 

XV. Mutton Kola Urundai

Cuisine: Tamil Nadu


Great Place To Get It: Adupadi in Bangalore but the best ones are at those Madurai street stall again. Time to take a trip!

Making It At Home? Definitely a better option. 

XVI. Sheek Kebab

Cuisine: Madhya Pradesh


Great Place To Get It: Don't be lazy. Everybody has their own favourite places in their home cities so ask around and find out. 

Making It At Home? Sanjeev Kapoor to the rescue.

XVII. Nihari

Cuisine: South Asian


Great Place To Get It At: Just about any authentic restaurant in Hyderabad does it best but if you want something closer to home, Mumbai's Persian Durbar knows what it's doing. 

Making It At Home? We're afraid of encouraging this one, but encourage we must. Here you go. Let's hope Sanjeev Kapoor at his best doesn't equal you at your worst.

[We know, we know. Nobody died and made us mutton gods. If we missed out on something seriously special, don't hold out on us. Let us know in the comments section below.] 

Words: Gouri Bhuyan 

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