Art Beyond The Binary: India’s Only Band With A Drag Queen Vocalist

Art Beyond The Binary: India’s Only Band With A Drag Queen Vocalist

From David Bowie to Freddie Mercury to Lil Nas X, through generations pop culture is adept with examples of how art has the ability to break boundaries, redefine our perceptions, and give artists the space to create without inhibitions.

While there is no dearth of talent when it comes to the Indian indie music scene, many times certain groups or individuals end up breaking free of the mainstream gaze. One such band is Top Storey— India’s first band whose lead vocalist also performs as a drag queen.

Founded in 2018 with Sushant Divgikar (also popularly known for the drag queen persona Rani KoHEnur) as the vocalist, Vaibhav Sahar as the lead guitarist, Ian Enthiado as the drummer, Raaz Kshettri as the bassist, and Arthur Lobo as the keyboardist and backing vocalist, the band was started with the vision of promoting diversity in music and creating art beyond barriers.

Bringing their own individual style and oomph to the band as composers, programmers, and songwriters, the band believes in shifting genres, styles, and techniques. While the band mainly plays covers of songs as of now, the versatility in their curations is what sets them apart from others along with their ability to hold a crowd’s attention with their live sets.

Know more about Top Storey here.

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