Bangalore Police Are Upping Their Meme Game With Hilarious Results

Jon Snow
Jon Snow

Memes are the unofficial language of the millennials. As they gained popularity, every matter regardless of its nature was made into a meme at some point. If it went viral, not only would it spurn more creations, but it would cement said meme into a permanent card, to be pulled out whenever the situation calls for it. Even Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s right-hand man/Vice-President of America, was major meme fodder.

Taking advantage of how often good memes go viral, are our very own law enforcers! They’ve started doling out advice using pop culture references from shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and Game of Thrones to get their message across to the youth. The Mumbai Police went down this route first, using our favourite character from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Joey Tribbiani’s life motto (JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!) in an ad against sharing personal information online - their version reads, “Joey doesn’t share food, least you can do is not share personal information online.”

Well played, Mumbai Police, but it seems that the Bangalore Police are taking this game to another level—they’ve brought in Jon Snow and the White Walkers. Using the ever popular, ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow’ tagline, they used Jon in a meme about Road Safety. Of course, some GoT fans noticed that Jon Snow had a House Targaryen symbol photoshopped onto his helmet, which they pointed out, considering Snow on the show so far is assumed to be House Stark. All the Bangalore police had to say about that was, “Oops, spoiler alert.”

*Slow Clap*

Whoever is running their social media, definitely deserves a raise, or some form of commendation. Who knew memes would save the day?

Below are the GoT memes we found on their Twitter feed:

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