Bangalore’s 10 Most Binge-worthy Burgers For Every Kind Of Budget

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As the city turns into a melting pot of youth and culture, an open-minded demographic is busy enjoying the spoils of a visibly delicious change that is being witnessed currently in the food and beverage industry of India’s IT capital - Bangalore.Gastropubs, bars, stand-alone restaurants, food trucks and sometimes even the neighbour’s kitchen next door now dish out some of the most mouth-watering fare that one’s palate can imagine!

Bangalore’s love affair with burgers started way-back with joints such as “The Only Place” throwing open their doors in the 60s and still serving up some of the meanest burgers. As is often said, tradition follows tradition with outlets such as Thulp! ( City slang for ‘Belting food’) , Smally’s and home-kitchens such as Jethro’s conjuring up lip-smacking combinations of everyone’s most loved fast-food.

Here’s a look at our selection of burgers from the city’s most loved burger joints that are bang for the buck and worth the money!

I. The Beef Whopper

A restaurant that is frequented by generations of patrons, ‘The Only Place’ is a striking example of Bangalore’s metropolitan image and colonial influence.Being one of Bangalore’s longest running eatries, the only place is also home to one of the most Bad-ass burgers we have laid our eyes upon - ‘The Beef Whopper’. 200 gm of freshly minced beef patties topped with a layer of melted cheese, egg, Jalapenos , sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. We think that description is ample enough to drive your taste buds into a frenzy.

Price : INR 420 + tax

II. Chickaboo Burger

Where: Smally’s

In only two years Smally’s have gained astronomical success in Bengaluru as they fuse authentic continental cuisine with a touch of Indian sensibilities with utmost ease to our tummy’s delight.With over 35 types of burgers on their menu ,they certainly leave no stone unturned while delivering an experience that can only be described as a gastronomic dream while being pocket-friendly at the same time.

The Chickaboo burger is to die for here. Strips of chicken cooked in the classic Smally’s recipe and topped with onions as well as the secret Smally’s sauce ( Offering a reward to anyone who knows what it is ! ) Drool level 10000+ !

Price : INR 195 + a smile

III. The Big Nasty

Where: The Black Rabbit

If you are a connoisseur of anything that is between the bread in Bengaluru, then we can guarantee that you would have heard of the Black Rabbit. Put up in the heart of the city’s urban nightlife circuit - indiranagar , the Black Rabbit is now infamous for absolutely lip-smacking burgers that are sure to send anybody’s taste buds into overdrive.

We bring you the Godzilla, the undisputed king of gargantuan burgers - ‘The Big Nasty’.

Try and wrap your head ( Or mouth) around two 200 gm pounds of fresh beef pattie , separated and covered by lavish amounts of bacon, topped with melted american cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, mustard mayonnaise relish and served with fries, more caramelized onions and coleslaw. Phew.

Price : 475 + an inch added to your waistline.

IV. Moo Burger with Bacon and cheese
Where: Thulp

In common Bengaluru slang the word ‘Thulp’ literally means ‘to belt’ and that is exactly what you will do when you lay your eyes on this burger of legendary proportions. Thulp started in Koramangala by two friends from college back in the day is now infamous for the amazingly mouth-watering burgers they serve up.

One must dig into their signature ‘Moo’ burger that’s loaded with a freshly minced beef patty in cahoots with generous amounts of bacon, cheese, tomato, mayonnaise and lettuce shards.

Price : 325 + the money that goes to the government

V. Pork Ham & Bacon Burger

Where: Jethro’s

Staying true to the city’s entrepreneurial spirit , Jethro’s was started in 2013 out of a regular home to satisfy bellies will late-night cravings and still are one of Bangalore’s best kept secrets. Located in Kalyanagar, an area that literally has a global footprint owing to the large number of African and Middle-eastern students , their burgers as SLAMMIN’ to say the least (And we are being very modest) .

Six slices of fresh pork ham,topped with oodles of juicy fried Bacon strips,jalapenos and mayonnaise between two slices of bun from the local iyengar bakery across the road. As local as you can get!

Price : 280 + a whole lotta love.

VI. The Classic Chicken Burger

Where: The Boondock Bistro

Located smack in the middle of Bengaluru’s IT hub , whitefield , The Boondock bistro is fast gaining recognition as the go-to place for anything that is between the bread. An extensive menu with every possible mouth-watering combination of meat and accompaniments is enough to get your stomach to growl like the engine of an old Maruti 800 .

Out of the box though, the simple-yet delectable classic chicken burger is surely the standout. Freshly minced chicken seared to perfection, topped with oodles of melted cheese , veggies , mayo and served-up with fries.

Price : INR 210 + Taxes

VII. The Classic Beef Burger

Where: Moo Point

Staying true to it’s name , the Moo point is a now a household name when it comes to burgers. Also located in Indiranagar, the restaurant is one of a select few who pander to needs of midnight hunger.

Straight-forward, simple and to die for is the classic beef burger and the reason why it sets itself apart from the rest is because of the Italian meatball patty , with a perfectly mixed ratio of fat and meat topped with cheese whiz.

Price : INR 270 only! AMooozing !

VIII. The Beef Steak Burger

Where: Peppazzing

One of Bengaluru’s most prominent joints over the past decade or so Peppa Zzing has been dishing out mean continental food over the years and till day the quality of their burgers are unquestionable and some fare is even flamboyant as the owner is!

One look at the beef steak burger in question is all the convincing you need to have one right away. A tender , juicy beef steak grilled to perfection and topped with regular cheese, mayonnaise, tomatoes, onions over a bed of lettuce is enough to set those hunger pangs in (loco) motion.

Price : INR 240 and not a paisa more.

IX. Mo Bar Burger

Where: Monkey Bar

No list can be complete without mentioning Monkey Bar’s Mo bar burger which has risen to almost a cult like status to the Bangalorean foodie and it’s not hard to figure out why!

The Mo Bar boast of two juicy beef patties grilled almost to perfection , topped with generous amounts of american cheese, seared bacon , tomatoes, lettuce and grilled onions with a dash of mayonnaise accompanied by a cone of fries.

Om nom nom X 100 !

Price : 390 + Taxes

X. The Bombay Burger

Where: Chilli’s

For those of you who think that there is no such thing as a “vegetarian” burger, maybe this just might change your mind. Chili’s have built a name for themselves for their authentic all-american fare over the years.

Enter the Bombay Burger - fully stocked with a seasoned south-western vegetarian patty loaded with carrots, beans and peas. Toasted till golden brown, the patty is covered with onion, pickle, ranch, tomato and bombay ranch with a potato burger bun.

Yum’s the word!

Price : 325 + Taxes

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