Bengaluru, Bring Your Sweet Tooth To The Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival 2023

The Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival
The Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival L: The Hindu R: The Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival

Calling all chocolate lovers! Brace yourselves for the sweetest extravaganza as The Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival returns for its third edition this November in Bangalore after their already successful event in Mumbai earlier this year. Prepare to be enthralled by a celebration uniting renowned Indian craft chocolate makers, cacao farmers, chocolatiers, and enthusiasts from across the country.

This delectable event promises an immersive chocolate experience with opportunities to savor the finest craft chocolates, interact with industry professionals, and shop for exquisite delicacies. As you explore the festival, you'll find yourself engaged in workshops and conferences, fostering connections within a community bound by a shared love for chocolate. The festival boasts an impressive lineup of chocolate makers and artisans, including familiar names such as Bon Fiction, Pascati, Manam, and many more. Exclusive access to conferences and workshops awaits attendees, offering a deeper understanding of the craft and culture behind chocolate making.

Check out a snippet of the festival from the Mumbai edition below.

The festival's workshops on November 25th promise a diverse range of experiences. From a 'Taste with Colour!' session by Ketaki Churi to a deep dive into Cacao Cultivation & Regenerative Farming with Partha Varanashi, each workshop offers a unique perspective on the world of chocolate.

On November 26th, delve into sessions like 'The Endless Possibilities of Cacao' by Chaitanya Muppala and 'Conscious Collabs' featuring Mansi Reddy, Sahar Mansoor, and Kuruvilla Louis. These sessions not only provide insights into the history and application of cacao but also explore conscious collaborations in the realm of ethical small businesses.

To top it off, the festival concludes with a tantalizing 'Craft Chocolate Flavour Innovation' session by Rahul Reddy and Manali Khandelwal from Subko Cacao, offering a unique glimpse into the world of chocolate flavor creation

Whether you're a seasoned chocolatier, a cacao farmer, or simply someone with a sweet tooth, The Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival 2023 is the ultimate destination to indulge your senses and deepen your appreciation for the artistry and innovation within the world of chocolate.

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