The Biggest Baddest Burgers In Mumbai

The Biggest Baddest Burgers In Mumbai
Fat Kid's Deli via Zomato

Some of us want perfect relationships, some of us want infinite wealth, but most of us really just want burgers that look like the gargantuan, patty-filled monsters that all those slick commercials promise us. When you are hankering for delicious burgers to stuff your face in Mumbai city, the burger gods shall smile in approval and it only depends on how wide you can open your mouth because we’re bringing you a compilation of the biggest, most delicious burgers and the challenge to conquer these towers is yours.

There is an eclectic variety of burger places to find the perfect feast, from scruffy little diners to lavish places dedicated solely to the worship of the tallest burgers. Between fresh, smoky buns with (un)holy quantities of fat, juicy patties dripping with sweet and sour sauces. Imagine digging into thick, perfectly seared disks of tastefully cooked and seasoned meat or perhaps baked potatoes if you are vegetarian with lots of fresh veggies and of course the epitome of every meal, crazy quantities of coma inducing cheese. Behold these monumental leaning towers of burgers!

I. The Animal Burger at Fat Kid Deli

Fat Kid Deli is a cool, laid back, colourful space making absolutely no pretence of being even close to healthy. The animal burger is loaded with 700 gm of minced lamb patty, double cheddar cheese, double bacon, burger sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños & Barbecue sauce. Borrowing influence from cuisines like Indian, American, Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Lebanese & others, the gourmet chef and owner Ranjiv Sahni is a self-declared fat kid and shares that the burger joint is his oversized homage to the humble burger.

Towering in glory at: Ten centimetres.

Price: Rs. 1200, a tad bit heavy on the wallet, but comes in a generous portion size

II. Godfather Burger at Howra

Howrah is a cosy place, its presence is inconspicuous by the busy road. Not very impressive to look at, some art deco, typography and quirky doodles on the walls but otherwise unadorned; a place designed more for take away. They serve sizzling hot, fresh burgers with 12 layers, with lettuce, three mutton patties, three cheese layers, onion rings, caramelised onions and three types of sauces.

Towering in glory at: Nineteen centimetres

Price: Rs. 500 and worth every penny with 12 layers of pure bliss

Image Source: Monologues of the Moody Foodie

III. The Jaw Breaker at Jimis Burgers

A small outlet with a cool atmosphere, a guitar, a few stools and a modest menu. However their burgers are arguably the best in the city. The Jaw Breaker is the ultimate god of burgers for its filling 7 layers of sinful double chicken patties, double bacon, salami, a fried egg and cheese. The USP of this burger is that the owner Jimi makes it himself over a small chat that revolves around burger worship.

Towering in glory at: Ten centimetres.

Price: Rs. 350, the best price on the list for a burger that is memorable

IV. OMG Burger at Cafe Universal

This café used to be known for its Irani old world charm serving good chai and bun maska however after renovation, Café Universal has an art nouveau look to it, with butterscotch-colour walls, a wood-beam ceiling and marble chandeliers. Popular for their power packed OMG Burger with layers of five buffalo meat patties, five slices of Britannia cheese, sautéed onions and tomato slices.

Towering in glory at: Six centimetres, this burger comes with a steak knife fully plunged into its centre to hold it together.

Price: Priced at Rs. 550, the money makes up for the ambience, also a word of advice, look out for cheap deals at happy hours!

V. The XL Burger at The Little Door

A popular joint among the youngsters it is known for its pretty interiors, upbeat walls and photo frames and spaces for live performances. The most popular item on the menu the XL Burger has nine layers including tomato salsa, jalapenos, lettuce, the patty, house coleslaw, chicken salami and a fried egg. It’s also available in five varieties — pork, tenderloin, lamb, chicken and vegetarian. True to its name it packs a big punch of flavour.

Towering in glory at: Eighteen centimetres.

Price: A filling meal at a very sweet price of Rs. 365 onwards.

Researched by Chandan Varagappa

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